When is the cheapest time to buy home appliances and electronics

When buying expensive things, many people try to save money, because even a minimal discount will help save a serious amount of money. We tell you when and how to buy household appliances with additional benefits

When to buy air conditioners and heaters

Demand creates supply, and when demand is high, manufacturers and suppliers can afford to overprice, especially when a product becomes desperately needed.

This simple rule explains the rise in prices for seasonal equipment. In the summer heat, apartment owners are likely to think about air conditioning, because in winter they don’t want to spend a large amount on a thing that is now unnecessary. The demand for air conditioners in the summer increases several times. The same applies to home heaters – they are actively bought in September when the heating season has not yet begun, and the temperature outside drops below zero, and in April, if they stop heating, but it is still cool outside. Of course, you should not wait for the autumn cold if the heat in the apartment is already tormenting, but it is advisable to think about these expenses in advance and buy air conditioners in winter and heaters in summer.

When to buy computers and laptops

Buying a computer, tablet or laptop also depends on the season. Some sellers artificially inflate prices before the holidays in order to “surprise” customers later with discounts with which the product costs the same as during normal times. If you want to buy digital equipment as a gift, try to make a purchase a month before public holidays – Christmas, Thanksgiving, March 8, and also before the start of the school year. By the way, prices for electronics also often rise before September, because pupils and students need them. Another life hack: do not run for fresh models immediately after they are announced. In most cases, the new version of the same product in the line does not differ much in functionality from the previous one, and it will cost 15-20% more. Wait for the release of the next flagship or pay attention to the predecessor of your favorite computer model. On average, expensive equipment loses significantly in price six months after it appears on the shelves.

When to buy cameras and TVs

The average buyer needs a camera most of all on vacation. And most vacations are in the fall in the period from June to September. It is from October that the prices for inexpensive digital cameras for amateurs and beginners noticeably fall. At the same time, expensive professional models of cameras and lenses rarely get cheaper, because they are needed by photographers and cameramen who use equipment regardless of the season. And if you want to buy a TV, then autumn and early winter are not the right time for this. People spend less time on the street, on trips and walks, more and more often preferring quiet family and friendly evenings watching movies, so the demand for TVs is growing. They are most profitable to buy in late spring – early summer.

When to buy washing machines and refrigerators

Large household appliances are most often bought in a new apartment to replace the old one. As a rule, demand for it grows in May with the beginning of the summer season. Refrigerators are often bought in the summer when older models can’t handle high temperatures and people still need to store food and crave cold drinks more often. The refrigerator is forced to work at maximum, which leads to frequent breakdowns. Also, in the heat, the demand for freezers is growing, including for commercial use – in the July heat, ice cream sellers are always ready. Washing machines are also changed seasonally and due to breakdowns that most often occur during the period of active use – in the summer. Then the clothes need to be washed more often or load the machine for several cycles with linen brought from vacation. In addition, in the summer they often arrange washing of covers, rugs and bedspreads.

How to find the lowest prices

Thanks to the Internet, it is convenient to compare the cost of goods and services. Some sites offer this option in the online store, others help you compare appliances from different sellers. Now it is unprofitable for stores to make big markups, it is much more important for them to maintain competitiveness and customer loyalty. Therefore, before buying the vacuum cleaner you like, compare the configuration options, prices and reviews on several sites, track price changes over a period of time from a month to six months, if the purchase is not urgent. Aggregators such as Yandex.Market and Biglion receive information directly from stores, through them you will most quickly receive information about discounts if you are not subscribed to mailing lists directly from sellers.

How not to miss discounts

Large retail stores are left with damaged, obsolete equipment. Most often, these are TVs, microwaves, mixers and laptops that were in the window. Buyers test them daily, so some have scratches, handles come off, edges are chipped. At the same time, the technique remains working, it can be used if you are not embarrassed by a slightly shabby appearance. Such models are further sold at big discounts, and some chains open separate discount stores, the prices in which are four to five times lower than the cost of the same models in the main halls. The answer to the question “When to buy?” here it will depend on the marketing strategy of the company, but in the discount you can specify how often they have deliveries of the next batch of goods with discounts, and sometimes leave a request for the item you need. In a store where there are no discounts, sellers often meet halfway and indicate how you can order or in which network store to buy the product you like cheaper. By the way, consumables and accessories for equipment are classified as illiquid assets, here they will cost the buyer much cheaper.

When to go shopping

The seasonal factor must be considered in relation to a particular type of equipment. But there are also general rules when stores arrange sales of most items in the catalog, promotions and discounts: for example, before the New Year. This is due to the desire of the seller to “close the year” with the greatest profit, as well as to sell more goods during the period of buying gifts and receiving annual bonuses at work. But here it is important to make sure that the discount is not formal, written on top of a huge crossed out price, as unscrupulous sellers often do during Black Friday. As for the day of the week, on Friday, many stores make the maximum discount on goods in order to attract visitors who do not associate the end of the working week with an evening shopping trip. Discounts are set on average per week. At the same time, some of the most profitable offers will already be bought over the weekend. If you want to choose from a variety of models, go to the store on Friday after work.

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