51 ideas for a stylish living room: trends 2023

We have collected ideas for a modern stylish living room with designer furniture that will not leave you indifferent. In our selection, everyone will find something to their liking, in the photos living rooms in several styles from minimalist with calm space with clear lines to bright eclecticism with rich colors and whimsical shapes. Modest studio apartments that combine a corridor, kitchen, dining room, and living room in one room are adjacent to huge two-level spaces. Don’t let this bother you, because we focus on the design techniques that you can repeat in your home.

This space is permeated with natural forms. Of course, you are unlikely to be able to place a living tree in the center of your living room. But pay attention to smooth lines and natural shades in the interior.

A radius sofa is a great solution for a stylish living room. Soft rounded lines create a calming mood. The original armchair helps create an organic ensemble. Natural shades of mustard yellow, green, and brick red are repeated in furniture and decor, uniting all elements into a single image.

The massive undulating lattice ceiling is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter the room. This sculptural element contrasts with the airy white chandelier. Neutral furniture with rounded shapes does not draw attention to itself. A bright carpet on the floor balances the look. The color of the carpet is in harmony with the kitchen set in the background. This technique allows you to combine an open living room with a kitchen into a single space.

In this stylish living room, you see calm neutrals of white, gray, and mustard. Against the background of the severity of the color, the unusual shape of the furniture plays stronger. There are rounded shapes in the room, but in a different, futuristic, key. A round table, a decorative element on the wall, a pillow and a lamp, a sofa, and a chair consisting of many lines – geometry rules in the room. In this case, all colors and shapes are repeated on the carpet. Abstract forms convey the subtle artistic taste of the designer. Furniture adds texture to a room and makes a small space feel very personal.

A stylish living room is a combination of a dining room and a home theater. There is plenty of seating around the big screen, not just a sofa, but matching surfaces with cushions around the perimeter of the room. A large company can comfortably fit in a small space. In the center is a modest table for snacks. The combination of neutral tones with wood texture and plenty of natural light makes the room feel spacious. A window mirror helps maintain the illusion of a spacious cinema.

Just a few eye-catching pieces can make a calm, neutral room look original. An artistic-shaped armchair, an unusual round pouffe, and a coffee table help to create an interesting look. Bronze figures as decor make the room even more extravagant. Pay attention to the harmony of shapes and colors. Ball-shaped cushions echo the shape of the seats and table. The striped monochrome does not only appear on the tabletop, it echoes the pattern on the plaid and the black stripes on the walls. Brown textiles are in harmony with bronze decorations, and brass elements on furniture complement the living room with their radiance.

A decorative marble insert in a stylish living room becomes a picture reminiscent of snow-capped mountains. A very discreet and calm interior does not look boring thanks to the competent use of color. Look at this very simple and neutral sofa. Decorative pillows make it the brightest element in the room. A set of pillows is the link that brings together all the shades of the room. On the pillows, the white of the walls is combined with the bronze sheen of the lamp and coffee tables. The pattern on the marble is reflected in the pattern of the monochrome pillows. The gray fabric is in harmony with the carpet and in the flower pot. Deep blue allows you to refresh the image and breathe more vitality into it.

The Chinese designer’s stylish living room is a real sculptural adventure with unexpected artistic twists. A futuristic sofa looks organically next to a part of an ancient Greek column, and a huge sphere seems to be about to roll down from the top of a curved media wall.

To enliven this neutral interior, the designer placed a bright picture on the wall. A dramatic rug adds character to a room. But even after the first impression, there is something to consider here, for example, the original chandelier, a laconic green armchair, and a small shiny table near the sofa.

In this stylish living room, you want to consider every centimeter. Translucent white columns lead the eye to the original ceiling with wood trim. Overhead panels on the TV wall create an interesting play of light. A modern fireplace protrudes unexpectedly from the wall, forming an angle of warm light. An artistic pedestal made of shiny metal blends seamlessly into the overall atmosphere. At the same time, the furniture of neutral shades is very simple and concise, the interior does not look overloaded.

A stylish living room with high ceilings proudly demonstrates its main advantage. The lower tier with a mundane chandelier of the original form looks cozy. The decorative panel on the wall does not forget about the dizzying height of the ceiling.

In a stylish living room with high ceilings, the designer played with straight and sinuous lines. The square windows are in harmony with the strict lines of the furniture. At the same time, accessories showcase the beauty of natural curves. The combination of gray and orange looks strict and fresh at the same time.

A spectacular staircase is the main functional and decorative element in a stylish living room.

The serene curves of the unusually shaped armchairs give character to the stylish living room. Despite the lack of bright colors, the space looks very unusual due to the play with lines and textures

Another laconic interior with soothing minimalist decor. Beige color and streamlined shapes reign here. The sofa and armchairs upholstered in natural fabric look soft and cozy. Modest ceramic vases and airy lamps are the only decorations. And yet this monochrome living room does not look boring.

The combination of warm wooden ceiling beams with austere window frames gives the interior a sharp and modern look. The black color is repeated in the decor, anchoring the color scheme.

In a stylish living room, the combination of understated orange and rich green creates a confidently deep aesthetic. Here, the furniture again remains neutral, the original image is created with the help of unusual decor, home textiles, and bright paintings. Pay attention to how all the shades present in the room are collected in the picture on the wall. A very simple design technique that helps create a holistic image.

If you decide to place a kind of art gallery on the wall of the living room, do not be afraid to get creative. Choose cheerful colors and complement them with a statement sofa, like this cute pastel pink one. Do not forget that the paintings on the walls need to be connected to the room, you can not leave them apart. The easiest way to do this is with color. Take a few bright accent colors that are in the picture and replicate them in throw pillows or other decorations.

Here’s another eye-catching gallery, this time paired with a dramatic black and brown color scheme. Ball-shaped pillows and small sculpted nightstands complete the original artistic theme of the stylish living room.

We have already suggested connecting the living room with a cinema. The photo shows a similar idea, a living room library. Books bring interesting texture and character to a room. A multi-colored modular sofa goes well with assorted roots.

The stylish living room in the photo contains four zones at once in one space without rigid physical partitions. A small kitchen is highlighted with soft green furniture and walls, with gray flooring underneath. The dining area with a modest table against the backdrop of a bright accent light insert is a transition to the living area. The sofa and coffee table stand on the carpet as if we were a separate island. At the same time, the color of the sofa is in harmony with the color insert near the dining table, and the green tint of the kitchen area is repeated in the paintings with floral ornaments above the sofa. The recreation and privacy area is also separated using flooring and light curtains.

The most striking element of the stylish living room in the photo is, of course, a rustic-style fireplace. It is completed with pottery shelves on each side. A round skylight floods the central fireplace with natural light, while arched windows add to the melody of curved natural lines.

The stylish living room in the photo is another library, this time in the bosom of nature. Thanks to the huge window, the street is actually included in the interior. Books become a decorative element, soft fluffy blankets, pillows, and a carpet create a cozy atmosphere.

Soothing shades of sea foam and algae create a soothing atmosphere. Coral accents add small splashes of color. The picture on the wall unites all the shades of the room into a single palette. Decorative wall panels add texture to a room so it doesn’t look too flat.

In a soothingly stylish living room in deep blue, and yellow accents create a playful mood. Gray decorative pillows repeat the shades of furniture and curtains, uniting the composition into a single whole.

A minimalist living room doesn’t have to look bland and boring. Here, the designer brings the space to life with beveled corners and contrasting decor.

In this designer living room, a sofa, armchairs and a coffee table of unusual shapes make the interior futuristic. At the same time, the stone cladding of the fireplace and the original patterned carpet help to connect the interior with nature outside the window. An interesting chandelier emphasizes the height of the ceilings.

The stylish living room is located between two patios. Glass walls allow you to create a space filled with light, connected with nature. Natural shades of furniture and decor make the interior an extension of the garden.

The main accent in the stylish living room is the wall, decorated with decorative textured panels illuminated by LED strips. The wall in this room becomes an art object, and long horizontal luminous stripes draw attention to the impressive height of the ceilings. Neutral furniture does not draw attention to itself.

A marble wall in a fabulous shade of jade green sets the tone for this room. The setting highlights this eye-catching natural beauty. Wood, leather, and textiles in a neutral color become a laconic frame for a bright pattern.

In a stylish living room, you can see a successful combination of soft green and hot pink colors. The sofa does not look alien against the background of green walls thanks to the carpet, which effectively links these two shades into a single whole. The combination is also repeated in the drawing on the chandelier and in the picture on the wall. The colorful color scheme is completed with a golden crown. The golden metallic on the ceiling reflects the light from the window during the day, and at night it turns into a shimmering expanse behind the pendant lamp.

Create a casual aesthetic for a stylish living room with furniture that looks great both in the home and in the garden. Two sun loungers and a light swing create a playful ensemble.

A stylish living room in neutral shades gets its unique character thanks to a set of original furniture. The sofa, armchair, and low chairs make the room very modern. The strict geometry of the black window frames is repeated in the decorative elements.

Rounded natural forms reign in this living room: furniture with sinuous lines, arched windows and doors, a round lamp, a carpet, and a coffee table. The final accent is a decorative element in the form of original firewood.

The designer has transformed this stylish living room into a gallery with clean white walls and lots of stunning art. Bright and fresh aesthetics create a special mood.

This soft ombre on the walls allows you to enjoy the beauty of the sunset all day long. The main theme of the room – a combination of pink, blue, and gray can be seen in every element and creates a special mood.

A bright fruity scheme of orange, yellow banana, and green avocado looks great even in a small room. Such a riot of colors does not need elaborate decor or any special extravagant forms. Green plants effectively complement the interior.

Another stylish living room in orange will become very popular in 2023. Artificially aged walls and a faded carpet unexpectedly harmonize with a chic deep blue sofa, spectacular black nightstands, and a lamp on a round stand. Brass elements add shine to the room and highlight the radiance of velvet.

If you want to create a stylish cozy nook in your living room, try using dark moody hues like moss green, sapphire blue, or deep plum like in the room in the photo. A bright armchair and colored inserts contrast against the background of a gray-white room.

Massive light installations can transform even the most discreet interior. The lamp in the form of a large light sphere emphasizes the arched walls and a round window. Thanks to the bright decor, the bright interior looks light and airy.

Another stylish living room is connected to the garden through panoramic windows. Laconic furniture of natural rounded shapes and an abundance of natural materials create a pleasant atmosphere.

This neoclassical living room looks elegant and sophisticated. Stuccoed wall paneling, sofas, and ottomans with carriage ties could create an overly traditional look. But thanks to the lamp, the golden glow of the coffee table, and the shelving with decor items, the room acquires its own unique character.

White walls in a stylish living room do not look flat thanks to decorative panels. The purity of the white color is effectively set off by the golden hues of the baseboards and the overhead lamp. Snow-white busts stand out against the background of dark built-in shelves. The neutral palette of the room is complemented by subtle shades of blue.

Despite the rough stone backdrop and exposed wood beams, the stylish living room doesn’t look rustic. Black velvet sofas simply shine and look very organic next to the snow-white glossy coffee table. The modern armchairs opposite the fireplace contrast with the black upholstery. The abundance of soft home textiles makes the room cozy.

A breathtaking illumination in the form of a luminous river makes this interior something special.

A spectacular backlit wall panel and original lamps become the main decorative elements and art objects in this designer living room. A blue reversible sofa adds a splash of color. Gray and brown chairs help ground the look.

Here, the designer mixed classic interiors with rich stucco and futuristic furnishings, creating a gorgeous neoclassical theme.

This living room has a warm retro aesthetic. The furniture in the style of the fifties blends seamlessly with modern furnishings.

Living room for the adherents of the classics with exquisite life-size Greek sculptures, crystal chandeliers, and ceiling moldings.

The stylish living room embodies the spirit of rustic romance. Wood texture and natural fabrics, sunlight pouring through open doors, transparent flowing curtains fluttering in the wind. There is nothing superfluous here.

A small but impressive living room with a modern fireplace that peeks out from behind an alcove in the wall. A live fire hearth completes the unique focal wall. The sofa and coffee table are reminiscent of smooth sea stones. The interior is done in shades of cream and looks very futuristic.

Bold colors, bold wall murals, and a plethora of furniture styles create a vibrant eclectic living room. If you love bright decor and want to fill the room with lots of personal items, this style is perfect. It is important not to forget that all objects should overlap with each other, to make up a harmonious composition. In this case, the interior will not look like a collection of random things.

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