A Deep Dive Into Single-Family House

The single-family house in Kalisz was designed by architects from the Krakow studio KONZEPT Architekci.

The idea behind the project was to obtain a timeless solid inscribed in the surrounding neighborhood. The house is located on a flat plot in the center of Kalisz.

The neighborhood consists of single-family low-rise houses.


The layout of the building is similar to the shape of the letter U with an area of ​​approx. 320 m2. The design challenge was to create a body of a one-story house, necessarily with a flat roof, which would have its unique dynamic character. 

“We focused on exposing the zones of the building’s functions by varying the height of individual rooms. Then concrete frames were created, which in the shape of the letter L, are arranged in different directions, interpenetrating with each other. We wanted to emphasize the division into zones both by the differences in the height of the building and the material differentiation of the facade. In relation to this, we proposed timeless facade colors (concrete cladding), wooden and white.”

“We strengthened the entire composition with additional linear lighting in the soffit.”

“In addition to external reception, an important element for us (due to the genesis of the office) is also a functional and aesthetic interior. The whole assumption is the result of developing optimal solutions based on the Investor’s guidelines.”

The building has been divided into three zones: entrance, day, and night. In the middle, the block has been divided by a glazed and spacious atrium, which is intended to illuminate the internal part, thanks to the rays of the sun spreading throughout the interior.

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