Alvaro Siza and COR Arquitectos: residential complex in Lombardy

Pritzker laureate Alvaro Siza and COR Arquitectos have unveiled a residential complex in Gallarate in Lombardy, Italy, clad almost entirely in travertine.

The 20-apartment complex is located near the city center, between two roads: its main façade faces the busy Via Roma, while its smaller entrance faces the much quieter Via Postporta. The architects built two four-story blocks facing each other, with a common passage between them.

The larger of the two blocks is set back from the main road, surrounded by existing buildings, and is shaped like a C to partially enclose a small green lawn. The smaller block is on the other side of the site – it is designed to stand apart from the general development, like a villa. Its simple, travertine-clad facade faces the roadway, and numerous windows are located on the internal façade.

Both blocks were built over a two-story car park, which occupies the entire site and is accessible from Via Roma. There is a public path running along two sides of the development leading to the town center. Along with the residential blocks, the architects designed a series of gardens and public spaces surrounded by travertine walls. The same material was used to create the entrance gates and benches.

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