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L’Ottocento: kitchen inspired by Aldo Rossi

The current offer for the kitchen-living room is distinguished by retro shapes and trendy colors.

Archetipo is a combination of classic and modern styles. The cylindrical base elevates the massive structure above the floor, and the refined shades of celadon and antique rose to attract the eye. The island stands out against the backdrop of walls clad in boiserie panels that hide storage and appliances. In the new model, there is a clear reference to the elementary forms favored by Aldo Rossi – the island’s massive parallelepiped rests on a cylinder. It has an induction hob and sink.

“Our company is like an artisan workshop: we use traditional production systems and methods that allow each product to be personalized as much as possible according to customer requests, and each kitchen is made to measure,” says L’Ottocento CEO Mariano Campagnolo.

The new model was created in collaboration with makethatstudio, a multidisciplinary agency specializing in visual research and services ranging from product and graphic design to photography and styling.

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