7 apps that will help you make repairs quickly and easily

About three hundred mobile applications have been downloaded to Google Play and the AppStore, which help you find workers, calculate the amount of building materials, draw an apartment plan and floor layout, select color combinations, get ideas from professionals, and even select and buy furniture.   

1. Home Design 3D

To develop a design project for a room, apartment or cottage, it is not necessary to own the complex AutoCAD program. The Home Design 3D app is intuitive for non-professionals and also allows you to create 2D and 3D plans.  

You can move windows and doors, demolish and erect interior partitions, adjust objects to the desired size, and change the color of walls with one touch. There is a function to add your own images, which will help you create the desired wallpaper pattern. The result can be viewed in daylight, taking into account the cardinal directions, and at night with the electricity turned on.

2. CalcBook

An ideal application for calculating the need for construction and finishing materials. It contains 16 calculators that count the number of tiles, wallpaper, poured floors, and other materials. No more long-hand calculations.

You need to enter the linear dimensions of the areas into the program and indicate the characteristics of the materials. In a split second, you get their exact number. The results can be sent to you by email or uploaded to other applications.

CalcBook is available only in the AppStore. The free version has reduced functionality and most calculators will have to be purchased.

3. YouDo.com

The application will help you find a designer, individual craftsmen, or a construction team. All you need to do is create a task, for example, “turnkey renovation of a one-room apartment of 36 sq.m.” In the description, you can indicate what budget you are counting on, attach photographs of the premises, and clarify what work will be needed. Interested performers will respond to your task themselves. Ratings, reviews of previous customers, and portfolios will help you choose the right contractor. The service makes sure that it is impossible to “cheat” reviews.

The application is free, and available in the AppStore and Google Play .

4. Houzz

This application should be consulted at the renovation planning stage. With sixteen million interior and exterior photos, you’re sure to find something that suits you. Convenient filters will help you find what you need. If you want to update your kitchen, are planning a renovation in turquoise tones, and have a small budget, just indicate this in the settings.

Everything that is in the catalog of furniture and accessories can be “tried on” to your interior. Just turn on the camera on your phone. If you like something and it fits, the application will redirect you to the seller’s online store.

Interiors and furniture can be collected into mood boards – collections of ideas for inspiration. Professional designers use such mood boards when working on the interior.

5. IKEA Place

A great app to furnish your apartment with IKEA furniture without wasting time on a trip to the store. It works simply: turn on the camera on your phone and walk around the apartment, arranging furniture in augmented reality. You can add items you like to your favorites to make it easier to decide on purchases later. 

IKEA Place suggests options. For example, you select your old cabinet in the application, and you get a choice of five new cabinets with different configurations. All that remains is to try it on and choose the right one.

6. Toolbox

This convenient utility replaces a whole suitcase with measuring tools: a ruler, plumb line, level, protractor, and others. To hang the shelf evenly, just place your smartphone against the wall and mark control points on it when the bubble on the screen is level. For the bedroom, a teslameter is useful, which determines places with a weak magnetic field. Place a bed there, sleep soundly, and get better sleep.

7. Pantone Studio

The application helps make the interior harmonious. There are ready-made examples of successful color combinations and the opportunity to create your own palettes, snatching the colors you like from the environment. You can do this anywhere by turning on the camera on your phone. Pantone Studio will determine the shade in RGB, HEX, and CMYK and select suitable color combinations for it. Palettes can be saved and modified. 

It’s convenient that all Pantone color schemes, which were previously printed in thick reference books, fit into one application on your phone. 
Pantone Studio costs $4.99 per month with a one-week free trial. The application is available only in the AppStore.

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