Marc Newson made smart binoculars for Swarovski Optik

The main feature of the AX Visio model is its built-in artificial intelligence system, which is focused on wildlife and helps the user accurately identify the bird or animal in front of him. It took Swarovski Optik and Marc Newson five years to develop the binoculars, and the result is characterized by a carefully thought-out technological filling of 390 components. Thus, the binoculars have an integrated camera for capturing images and videos. The device synchronizes with a mobile application that allows you to easily send created files to your smartphone. Other features include the ability to mark the exact location of a bird to guide other AX Visio users to it. All this is hidden behind the laconic design of the device, the shape and size of which can be customized. 

Photo: Swarovski Optik. 

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