Small hallway design: 40 ideas

The aesthetic and functional design of a small hallway is a problem not only for compact housing but also for large apartments. The first impression of the interior is the most important, and it begins with the hallway. Traditionally, storage systems are placed in this room, the choice of which depends on the budget, area, and chosen interior design.

Built-in wardrobe

Designers choose the design of a built-in wardrobe, most often from floor to ceiling – for storing outerwear, sports equipment, seasonal items, and suitcases. Another great option is an adjacent walk-in closet that also holds all of the owner’s clothing, not just seasonal storage. You can also place free-standing furniture in the hallway: a floor or wall-mounted clothes hanger, a banquet, a compact console, etc.


Freestanding furniture

Wardrobe in the color of the walls

To visually increase the space of a small hallway, a popular design technique is a built-in or free-standing storage cabinet, painted in the color of the walls to dissolve large furniture in the space. Also in the hallway, one wall is decorated with a mirror cloth or a built-in closet is equipped with a mirror facade. Small spaces are not afraid of bright colors – a compact hallway can also be highlighted with color.

Mirror wall

Bright accent

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