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A fashionable alternative to wallpaper and tiles by Inkiostro Bianco

To replace wallpaper and tile panels, designers worldwide choose wall decor from the Inkiostro Bianco factory. The wallpapers of this Italian brand is not just photo wallpaper, it is an innovative product that makes every interior exclusive.

We can talk about the beauty and individuality of Inkiostro Bianco wall decor for a long time, but first of all, we must pay tribute to its functionality. The design of your choice can be applied to moisture-resistant vinyl backing or innovative mineral fiber backing. Inkiostro Bianco vinyl wallpapers consist of two layers – a top decorative vinyl layer and a non-woven bottom layer. As for mineral fiber, this is real know-how in the market of finishing materials, because this technology allows you to make decor for wet areas instead of tiles and even on the floor. This coating is resistant to chemical and mechanical damage has fire-resistant qualities and does not fade under the action of UV rays. With all this, such wallpapers are absolutely environmentally friendly and can be used even in children’s rooms.

In addition, thanks to the innovative and patented MapeWrap EQ system, Inkiostro Bianco products have high structural and earthquake resistance characteristics, allowing the wallpaper to “fasten” the wall, which helps the decorative panel to hold the wall during natural disasters for some time. This effect is due to the coating of the material with 2 layers of a unique finishing compound, which turns the wallpaper into a very durable material.

In addition to all of the above, the convenience of this graphic decor is that it is made individually for the customer. Any selected design or its fragment can be scaled depending on the wishes of the customer. So, for example, the height of the canvas can be from one and a half to 10 meters! Thus, in terms of design possibilities, this product is comparable only to hand-painted walls. However, unlike painting, such panels are much more versatile, if only due to moisture resistance.

As for the design possibilities, they are almost limitless. No matter what style the interior of the room is made in, whether it is timeless classics or modern minimalism, there is a suitable option in the constantly updated Inkiostro Bianco collection. The brand’s collection includes both frescoes in the spirit of Italian classics, as well as modern illustrations or, for example, concrete imitations. The brand has managed to achieve this diversity through collaboration with leading artists and designers. Among them are Karen Knorr, Davide Lovatti, Stefano Bonazzi, Barbara Varini, and many others. It is also possible to make panels according to individual designs.

Probably, this should be the decor of the future – completely unique, giving designers and room owners absolute freedom for creativity and at the same time incredibly durable and functional. In the meantime, Inkiostro Bianco creates exclusive masterpieces for modern interiors, never ceasing to amaze with new collections of stunning panels.

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