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Project: VERA
Authors: Juliy CherevkoToma Podolyanko
Architecture Workshop: PAINTIT
Area: 92 m2
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Year: 2020

The first objective of the project was to create a cozy home for a young couple. Location, recreation and the center of the most pleasant activities and activities. This is what influenced the color scheme and the choice of materials. Warm natural wood, natural concrete, real metal, and warm shades of textile.
The second important point was the wish of the customers for a spacious common area with a living room, kitchen, common table and, of course, large windows. At the same time, also place two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a dressing room. The main problem was the lack of space for all rooms, and as a result, the main minus – the impossibility of a separate dressing room helped to create one of the features of the project, namely the central core of the apartment, connected with all the rooms. It is made in very warm wood, like the entire entrance area.

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