How to reduce noise levels in an apartment: 10 life hacks

Do you want to at least take a break from unnecessary information at home, but street noise, TV, and neighbors’ parties prevent you from doing this? A few useful life hacks will help correct the situation.

1. Replace windows

It is from the windows that most street noise comes in. Install new double-glazed windows with improved sound insulation – it is affected by the thickness of the glass. For efficiency, alternate between thick (8 mm) and thin (4 mm) glasses. 

In old wooden windows, you can also increase the sound insulation properties: to do this, replace thin glass with thicker glass – 5-6 mm.

2. Eliminate door cracks

If you can tell when your neighbors come and go by the noise in the stairwell, it’s time to upgrade your front door. There should be no gaps in the doorway. To ensure that the door leaf adheres to the frame, use rubber or foam sealing tapes. Stick one of them on the door itself, and the second on the frame – you get a double effect.

3. Select ceiling

A suspended or suspended ceiling will help against noisy neighbors living above. It will suppress sounds and create good acoustics in the room. And fiberglass materials will help in additional soundproofing of the ceiling.

4. Glaze the balcony

If you have an open balcony, consider glazing it. This step will take the soundproofing of the apartment to a new level. And useful meters will be added: you can make an office or lounge area on the balcony.

5. Check the outlets

Electrical points are one of the sources of extraneous sounds in the apartment. There are several options to get rid of the problems: move the built-in socket to another location, replace the built-in socket with a surface-mounted one, or put a soundproofing plug made of mineral wool inside the socket.

6. Buy a silent vacuum cleaner

Noisy vacuum cleaners are a thing of the past. New silent models have long won the hearts of housewives. This solution is ideal for those who have small children or pets in the house. No one will wake up or be scared by the loud noise while cleaning.

7. Place a carpet on the floor

A fluffy soft carpet will not only add coziness to the room but will also absorb unnecessary sounds.

8. Decorate your walls correctly

You can hang a carpet, and decorative soundproofing panels will be a good alternative. They are easy to install, will practically not reduce the area of ​​the room, and will become a good element of decor.

9. Use pads on furniture legs

Frequently moved furniture not only makes an unpleasant noise but also damages the floor. To avoid this, use special pads on furniture legs.

10. Install door closers

They allow cabinet doors to close smoothly and without making unnecessary noise. In addition, such a mechanism can prevent chips on the doors and thereby extend the life of your furniture.

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