How a Swedish couple transformed an old hunting lodge

The old hunting lodge has been transformed into something more, with a beautiful garden, a sun-drenched terrace, and a wonderful swimming pool. At the entrance to the house, you can see several beautiful pots with green plants on a white vintage table.

House in the Pearl Forest

  • Total area: 120 m².
  • Who lives there: Maria (53 years old), Perlan (61 years old), cat Flisan (13 years old), Niss (11 years old) and Doris (8 years old).
  • Job: Maria is a purchasing manager at Zetas Trangard, Perlan works in the security service of Avarn Sakerhet.
  • Location: in the municipality of Tireso near Stockholm.

Maria dreamed of a garden all her life, and when they found this house, they immediately fell in love with it. Despite the fact that the house was old and required major repairs, they managed to make all their dreams come true.


In her kitchen, Maria always decorates the dining table with fresh flowers and a rough linen tablecloth. Here you can see ceiling lights, glass vases, terracotta pots, and a black angel candlestick. Near the window, the couple placed a porcelain sink with brass faucets. The tabletop was made of concrete. The presence of open shelves and wooden beams under the ceiling helped emphasize the rustic style of the kitchen.

“We decided to change the layout of the kitchen,” says Maria. “Thanks to this they made it much larger and more spacious.”

In winter, Maria and Perlan often sit in front of a cozy fireplace in the center of the kitchen-dining room with a cup of coffee.

Living room

It is the wooden walls that give the house its unique charm and country character, while the clay pots with their patina add ambiance. The structures in the house are painted black in order to maintain the interior of houses that were popular more than 10 years ago in Denmark. And what is a dream home without a real stove? She is given a place of honor in the living room. Nearby is a console with various souvenirs from travels.


In the bathroom, we placed a countertop sink on a homemade shelf and decorated it with decor. Sand-colored tiles were chosen as wall decoration. Maria selected towels from Calvin Klein and a large illuminated mirror to match. This helped create a bright and cozy room.


Due to their love for reading books, the couple constantly collects various fiction books. “We created an office on the second floor,” says Perlan. There is a wooden desk and a leather calendar on the wall. A herbarium of plants completes the setting. It was made by Maria’s grandfather, which adds even more family warmth to the entire room.


An antique chest of drawers was placed in Maria’s dressing room, which was brought from a French village, and the painting on the wall was bought in Thailand. A dressing table in the same style and an elegant mirror. Everything a modern woman needs fits in here.


There is nothing superfluous in this room, everything is laconic and simple. The bedroom is decorated in light colors, the bed has a high soft headboard. Again, so that you can sit comfortably with a book before going to bed. There are always fresh flowers in the house; they undoubtedly complement the decor. At the entrance to the bedroom, there are open shelves with books and paintings.


On the terrace, the couple spend time together over a cup of coffee, surrounded by cozy pillows and a warm blanket. For large family gatherings, there is a dining table, which is always decorated with glass decanters and white textiles.

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