Through textures and lighting, was created an intimate atmosphere

Konstantin Prokopenko and  Anna Zorina, designers of Prodecor Interior Studio, designed an apartment, letting nature into the interior. “Through textures and lighting, we wanted to create an intimate atmosphere. For a young girl, we thought of a meditative space where you can disconnect from the outside world and recuperate,” they say.

“Apartment with an area of ​​103 sq. meters, we saw at the construction stage and were able to immediately make changes to the layout. We were able to expand the master bedroom, dressing room, and guest bathroom, as well as increase the opening in the hallway, which allowed the premises to fill with light.”

“We moved away from the classic window sill solution and neatly framed the windows with wooden panels. We also paid attention to the doorways and terrazzo-decorated entrance to the living room. Decorative plaster was applied to the walls, and Swiss parquet was laid on the floor. We immediately agreed with the customer that we wanted to build a palette on soft halftones and not use contrasting solutions, so there are a lot of “dusted” natural shades in the project. At some point, we wanted to bring a note of irony – this is how red accents appeared and, especially beloved among them, Ingo Maurer’s wall lamp in the hallway.

“Because we initially chose calm tones, we wanted to maintain a balance of large soft shapes to maintain the atmosphere. So the project included a dining table designed by the author’s sketches in the company of ironic chairs & Tradition, the Puffy chair by Faye Toogood for Hem, and the Bollo chair by Fogia. But if we talk about the heart of the project, it all started with handmade Ay Illuminate lamps.”

“Not only decorative solutions but also technical ones are responsible for the chamber atmosphere. We have moved away from a simple general lighting scenario and thought of luminaires for every possible task. In the bathrooms, speakers were placed on the ceiling, to which you can connect via Wi-Fi from any device. But the biggest success is the complete coincidence of interests with the customer, throughout the entire project we were on the same wavelength!”

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