Optimism and faith in the future: Zaha Hadid Architects in China

Celebrating 15 years of practice in China with a spectacular exhibition, the Zaha Hadid Architects team showcases how advances in design and building technology are changing the world. The studio’s designs “respond to the increased complexity of modern life with fluid geometry based on the logic and coherence of structures in the natural world”, adding that ZHA “predetermined the architecture of the 21st century”.

The concept that architects rely on today was described by the very founder of the practice, Zaha Hadid. Back in 1983, she drew attention to the fact that “the rapid development of technology and the ever-changing lifestyle have created a fundamentally new background for architecture.” “I felt that in this new global context, we should turn again to the study of the interrupted experiments of modernism – not in order to resurrect them, but to uncover new ideas,” the architect argued.

The New World exhibition details the evolution of the bureau’s projects since the opening of the first office in China. The exposition is divided into ten zones. Among the works on display is the Guangzhou Opera House, completed in 2010, the first for Zaha Hadid Architects in China. Since then, the studio has completed 14 properties in the country, including Beijing’s Leeza Soho Skyscraper and Daxing International Airport, with 25 more currently under development.

In addition, the exhibition also focuses on future projects, the development of technologies, and an interdisciplinary approach to work. The architects’ arsenal of tools includes digital design, 3D printing, the use of artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. ZHA collaborates with leading scientific institutions around the world to offer new technologies and materials for sustainable development, as well as solve the problems of human well-being in the city, reduce the environmental impact, and at the same time improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Overall, the project reflects ZHA’s optimistic vision of the future of cities, which can be changed for the better for future generations through advances in science, technology, and the inventive nature of architecture.

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