Studio Mumbai: silence and materiality on display at the Cartier Foundation

The founder of Studio Mumbai, Indian architect Bijoy Jain, created a large-scale exhibition for Fondation Cartier. The installation Breath of an Architect explores the multiple connections and relationships that exist between art, architecture, and materiality.

The exhibition unfolds in a series of leisurely and contemplative scenographies. This dreamy beauty explores the countless relationships that subtly emerge between different disciplines. Jain addresses a reflective and deep understanding of space. The atmosphere of the installations immerses you in meditation. Artifacts and architectural structures enter into dialogue with the iconic building of Jean Nouvel. The architect emphasizes his desire to understand the exhibition as a “physical and emotional experience,” an invitation to “breathe, wander and rediscover silence.”

Works of art and architectural exhibits emphasize this intention: they allow the viewer to pause, gradually become drawn into the details, and provide an opportunity to reflect on emptiness. This is a space of retrospection, which is emphasized by forms and materials. “Silence has a sound, we hear its resonance within ourselves. This sound unites all living beings, it is the breath of life. It is synchronous in each of us. Silence, time, and space are eternal, like water, air, and light, like all the primary elements. The abundance of sensory phenomena, dreams, memory, imagination, emotions, and intuition arise from this cauldron of experiences,” explains Jain.

Jain dedicated himself to architecture that expresses itself through the elements of water, air, and light, in harmony with the rhythm of human breathing. As part of the exhibition, he collaborated with Chinese artist Hu Liu and Turkish-Danish ceramicist Alev Ebuzzia Sisby. They combined materiality, time, movement, and space in an artistic gesture. The curators encourage visitors to explore the exhibition using their senses and enjoy walking through this extraordinary landscape. “An Architect’s Breath” is an idea of ​​architecture’s sensibility, intuition, and emotional relationship with space.

Until April 21, 2024.

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