Two green skyscrapers in Shenzhen

Just a skyscraper? The team of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels is taking a turn in skyscraper design with their Shenzhen Energy Mansion. The recently completed project in China consists of two towers that dampen the glare of the sun and reduce energy losses with undulating, folded façades.

Shenzhen Energy Mansion has been awarded LEED Gold certification. Among its sustainable features: efficient lighting systems, water recycling, each building is covered with a green roof.

The Shenzhen Energy Mansion was erected in Shenzhen, southern China, and engineers and designers from Transsolar and Arup were involved in its construction. Architects won the competition in 2009 and construction began in 2012.

The two towers rise to 120 m, their total area is 96,000 square meters. At a height of 34 m, they are connected by a walkway with lobbies, conference center, cafeteria, and exhibition space. The upper floors are for the Chinese state-owned company Shenzhen Energy, while the lower floors will be occupied by offices.

The facades are made of glass and aluminum, perforated and diffuse the daylight entering the interior. “The facade resembles a sheet of paper folded like an accordion, its blank parts provide high insulation, blocking direct sunlight, but not blocking the view,” the architects comment.

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