Apartment with natural textures of wood and stone with bright textiles

The apartment of 170 sq. meters was created for a man who plans to spend time here with family and friends. “We immediately decided that it would be a discreet, graphic interior,” says designer Anastasia Marchenkova. “Natural textures of wood and stone will add comfort to it, works of art and bright textiles will give character.”

LCD “Cherry Orchard” is located in a green area in the west of the capital, next to Mosfilm. The complex is surrounded by parks and cherry orchards – hence the name. The draft box did not provide for partitions, so Anastasia Marchenkova, as she says, immediately appreciated the impressive space, high ceilings, and the abundance of light coming from the numerous windows to the floor.

About the customer, Anastasia Melnikova says that he is a self-confident, accomplished person. He knows exactly what he wants, and he is ready to trust professionals. His wishes for planning: a spacious living room combined with a kitchen, a bathroom with a window, and – a rare luxury in a city apartment – a hammam. For this room, special sunbeds were developed that repeat the shape of the owner’s body. Another “attraction” of the interior is a wine cabinet with different temperature zones, designed by Anastasia. The customer collects wines, and this item has taken an important place in the kitchen.

“I love working with natural materials: wood, marble, metal,” says the designer. In this project, she used an unusual veneer on the fronts of the cabinets in the living room, it is called “ice ebony”. Marble countertops and metal kitchen facades are also good. The color scheme is restrained. The living room is built on white, gray, and black tones, soft brown shades add coziness to the master bedroom, and light green and olive appear in the guest room. “The interior turned out to be solid, with soft color transitions and halftones,” the author comments.

Anastasia highlights the mirror in the hall. A limited edition of 60 pieces, this collectible design was created by Paula Susa exclusively for the Booroom Gallery. The model is called Solstice (“Solstice”), its irregular shape is inspired by nature. The sconces of the English company Porta Romana are combined with the mirror. In the living room, the sculpture of Lev Efimov became the point of attraction, the color accents were the paintings acquired by the author of the project in the Carré D’artistes gallery.

The central place in the living room is occupied by a huge sofa – the Standway model, which was created for the Italian brand Edra by designer Francesco Binfare. “The factory refused to make it in our Pierre Frey upholstery, saying it didn’t fit. But we insisted on our own, and everything turned out as planned. Curtains throughout the apartment are also Pierre Frey, a dynamic black and white ornament that sets the tone for the living room. In my opinion, this French textile manufacturer is great: year after year it impresses with bold collections.”

The customer refused a large separate dressing room, a wardrobe in the bedroom was enough for him – a suitable one was found at the Italian factory Rimadesio. The wardrobes in the hall were ordered by the designer from the Russian workshop “Victoria”. Marble products for the kitchen were made in the Moscow region by the Sayan company. Carpets – from Mark Patlis Gallery. There is a lot of Belgian furniture in the project: beds and bar stools were supplied by the Ph Collection factory, a coffee table, bedside tables, and a chest of drawers in the bedroom by JNL.

Anastasia Marchenkova told an interesting story: “At first, my other customer bought this apartment, but then he decided that the area was too small for him, and in parallel, he purchased another option. And then one day he is having dinner with a friend, and he says: “Let me buy this apartment from you, we will be neighbors.” The first one thought it was a joke. But after a couple of days, the preparation of documents for sale began. This is how, spontaneously, the most successful purchases are made.

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