House-studio of the artist Felipe Pantone in Valencia

Felipe Pantone is an Argentine-Spanish artist whose work is based on images of graffiti, dynamism, transformation, digital revolution, and other current topics. His studio Casa Axis near Valencia is a real paradise for all who love art. Designed in 1975 by architect Antonio Segura and architectural studio Pascual Genovés, this creative space has now been declared open to the public, with Felipe transforming it into an artists’ residence, workshop, and exhibition space.

The story of Casa Axis is like a cinematic scenario. Built as an example of the avant-garde with elements of the “space age” of the last century, it regularly becomes the scene of fashion shoots, films, and TV shows. Recently, the third episode of Black Mirror was filmed here, the previous year was Llenos de Gracia (2022) and El Sustituto (2021), as well as advertising campaigns for Bottega Veneta, Mercedes-Benz, Puma, and Palomo Spain. The building itself houses an impressive collection of European designs from that futuristic era, and they will become an important part of its interiors.

The house was named Casa Axis, which is Latin for “axis” and refers to the original plan to make it revolve. The building was owned by “the most daring developer in the Valencian community” Miguel Camanes – he was its first owner until he sold the house in the 1990s. But the building acquired its unusual appearance thanks to Antonio Segura – he designed the interiors and chose many wonderful items that have been preserved in the setting.

Felipe Pantone has long dreamed of turning Casa Axis into a lively meeting place for artists from various disciplines. The studio will promote collaboration through an artist residency program that will bring together all – both stars and newcomers. The artist will also house his private collection here and give visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with his famous works. “This is my most ambitious project yet and should be a creative haven. My goal is to support an active community of artists united by a passion for breaking down barriers and dialogue. I hope to create a place where inspiration knows no bounds and offer the artistic community the ideal environment for creativity,” comments Pantone.

Inside Casa Axis, there is an original 1970s disco-style listening room designed by Valencian company Admire Audio and equipped with a high-performance analog Hi-Fi audio system. It will be possible to hold musical parties and give unique sensory experiences. To make the project even more impressive, the lighting in the studio was commissioned by French lighting designer Benoît Lallo. He is known for his ability to combine art, design, science, and technology and has previously collaborated with museums and international brands including Acne Studio and Balenciaga.

Casa Axis is surrounded by a garden – its area is 7000 sq. meters, and it was created specifically for the new studio space. Everything is decided in a minimalist aesthetic – there are many large glass surfaces that make the interaction between the internal and external environment easy. Felipe was helped to realize the concept by the architect Marina Victoria and a multidisciplinary team. A sculpture park will be created in the garden – this will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of art right in the open air. The construction of the studio, led by construction company AT4, is expected to be completed in the spring of 2024.

Pantone is thus expanding the scope of its artistic activity – in October 2024, the Center del Carme (CCCC) in Valencia will host a major retrospective of it. The project will be devoted to various areas of the artist’s research.

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