How to decorate a small room: 10 tips from a French decorator

The famous French decorator Jean-Louis Deniot has been making residential and commercial spaces suitable for use for many years. In his own apartment, he managed not only to move the walls apart but also to raise the low ceilings. Now at 120 square meters, there are several small but stylish and cozy rooms. Here are some secrets for decorating small spaces from the pros.

Experiments with wall decoration

Jean-Louis is sure that it is not at all necessary to limit yourself to a single style when decorating walls. Besides, this will not save a small room. Instead, it is better to cover two walls with wallpaper with a bright print and cover the rest with neutral paint.

Less white

Despite the fact that white is considered a universal color, it is not the best option for a small space. Shades of white reflect light too much, discolor the interior, and hide the volume of the room.

The magic of mirrors

Mirrors can transform even a tiny room, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one accessory. You can also choose beautiful mirrored furniture.

Lots of light

To visually expand square meters, you need at least eight light sources. You can highlight paintings, furniture, and floors. The lamp power should not exceed 15 watts.

But it’s better not to hang a chandelier on the ceiling, because… it will only worsen the feeling of cramped space. It is recommended to organize lighting within the floor.

Working with textures

Interesting decoration plays a leading role in the interior. Don’t be afraid to mix glossy and matte materials, because unexpected combinations of textures can decorate a small space.

No ornaments

Ornaments and graphic patterns perform their function in spacious rooms, but in small ones, they look ridiculous and tacky.

The cornice is longer than the window opening

If the apartment has small windows, then the cornice should be installed along the wall and under the ceiling. This will allow you to achieve the effect of panoramic windows. A visually small room will appear wider and more aesthetically pleasing.

Large carpet

It is better to choose a larger carpet to create a feeling of spaciousness. Small models contribute to the formation of an unfavorable frame on the floor, which fragments the space.

You need to act vertically

It is necessary to make maximum use of the vertical area of ​​the apartment. For example, in the kitchen, install a set with upper modules under the ceiling. There should be no free space anywhere, but you shouldn’t clutter the room either. It is better to provide the optimal number of storage compartments.

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