6 budget ideas on how to decorate a barbecue area

If you have a country house, but you haven’t thought through the barbecue area, it’s time to correct this mistake. To create your own barbecue corner, you don’t need too much space: you can create a nice and functional area even in a small area. Moreover, you can do it without damaging the family budget! We have collected useful tips and inspiring ideas that are worth adopting.

Campfire Cooking Hanging Grill

An open type of barbecue area is an option for those who are not afraid of bad weather conditions and do not want to set up a full-fledged gazebo. The grill is installed directly in a clearing or in an open-air garden: the area is first filled with soil and installed on a special support. The hanging barbecue is convenient to fold and put away for storage, and in order not to overload the area when you are not cooking, you can use folding chairs and tables: place them near the barbecue directly during meals. The solution is suitable for lovers of budget and simple recreation areas.

Buy a ready-made grill and create an atmosphere

If you don’t want to make a barbecue yourself, this will not interfere with arranging a cool barbecue area. All you have to do is go to the store, buy a ready-made barbecue, and a set of garden furniture, and don’t forget about an umbrella that will protect you from the sun’s rays on hot days. This is exactly what our heroine Marina did: she bought everything she needed in the supermarket. I chose folding table and chairs – such furniture is much more convenient. Marina preferred a wide grill because many guests gathered for a barbecue. 

Grill area made of refractory bricks

You can assemble this structure yourself: level and tile the area for the barbecue, and use fire-resistant brick as a base. The material comes in different shapes and copes well with high temperatures. If desired, you can consider additional work surfaces with countertops next to the barbecue: for example, for cutting vegetables and serving dishes. And to make the area as atmospheric as possible, the chairs can be made from stumps: don’t forget to buy soft pillows for them.

Brazier made of stone

And one more idea for those who are ready to build barbecues with their own hands – a structure made of stone. It does not require global financial investments, but the result will delight you for more than one summer season. It is best to build a barbecue from natural stone using clay and sand. Calculate the dimensions based on the volume of food consumed – remember the length and number of skewers. A budget-friendly idea for decorating a space is to place sun loungers nearby, which can also be folded and removed when the area is not in use. 

Gabion grill

Gabions are structures made of metal mesh that are filled with stones. They can be used not only as decoration in landscape design, but also to make a barbecue. For the foundation, you will need to dig a small trench and fill it with concrete. You can place a comfortable sofa and a low table on the site, and tall plants in pots are perfect for decorating the area.


Tandoors continue to gain popularity: on the hearth, you can cook not only delicious flatbreads but also juicy meat. Tandoors are deepened into the ground or made into a structure raised above the surface: stone blocks, clay ceramic, or white refractory bricks are used in construction. It is convenient to place the tandoor away from the eating area – it does not take up much space, so there can only be a small table nearby, replacing the work surface. The gazebo itself should be within walking distance: place a set of garden furniture on it, don’t forget about decorative pillows, and enjoy cozy evenings.

Points to consider:

  • Ideally, the barbecue area should be under a roof: then you will not be afraid of rain or scorching sun;
  • To prevent smoke from entering the house, it is better to place the barbecue area away from the home;
  • Grilling near trees is a bad idea. Hot smoke dries the leaves, creating a fire hazard;
  • It is best to pave the area with stone, brick, or tiles that are resistant to sparks from the fire.

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