How to make a cool renovation without redevelopment: 5 ideas

We have collected the most interesting ideas that will help make the interior more interesting and visually more expensive.

Designer Irina Vinevskaya designed a two-room apartment with an area of ​​82 square meters without remodeling. She combined modern finishes with classic moldings and moldings, and mixed custom furniture with colorful pieces and decor. It turned out stylish and timeless. We collected the coolest designer ideas in this post.

1. Beautiful floor tiles

The designer used different tiles in the hallway, bathrooms, loggia, and kitchen – these areas immediately became accent areas because beautiful tiles always attract attention and make the interior more interesting. In the kitchen, they even laid out a whole carpet in the dining area – take note. 

2. Kitchen with a secret

The kitchen looks as presentable and formal as possible. No one will guess that the gas boiler and communications to it were hidden behind the facades. The upper cabinets were ordered into the ceiling, which made it possible to use this space for storage. In order to preserve the work surface, the microwave was placed in the upper cabinet.

3. Lightweight storage system facades

There is a lot of storage in the apartment, but it gives the feeling of a warehouse. Why? The designer chose elegant facades with glass for the cabinets, which add airiness to the interior.

4. Interesting textiles

The interior has a fairly neutral and simple wall decoration. But textiles delight with a variety of shades and textures. This creates dynamics, adds playfulness and visually makes the renovation more expensive.

5. A combination of ready-made and custom-made items

Systems of wardrobes and chests of drawers do not have to be made with the same facades and in the same color. On the contrary, they can be broken up with ready-made furniture to lighten the situation and place accents, as Irina Vinevskaya did in the customers’ bedroom.

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