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Niko Architect: the house as a part of the landscape

An extraordinary house appeared in the suburbs. The authors called it “House in the Landscape” – a fluid, flowing silhouette is organically inscribed in a specially created relief. The building was built by the architectural bureau Niko | Architect led by Stanislav Nikolaev. The head of the team of authors Stanislav Nikolaev, the chief architect of the project is Dmitry Kulich. The architects Tatiana Osetskaya and Alexander Salov also took part in the work. Interior design Stanislav Nikolaev and Dmitry Klimov. The landscape design was done by Alexey Petelin and Olga Sukhova.

The project, according to the international expert jury, won the RUSSIAN PROJECT 2019 prize in the category “Architecture. Vacation home”

“The project is based on the connection between the environment and the internal environment of a person. Bionic forms are humane in relation to a person, they organically fit into his perception and also have a beneficial effect on the emotional state, “- this is how the authors describe their concept.

The U-shaped building forms zones, masking the inner, private courtyard from prying eyes. The premises are oriented inward, towards the site. The main volume of the building is closed by the landscape, turned towards the general settlement passage. In order to provide the premises with natural light during the day, skylights were designed in the green roof, oriented according to the movement of the sun.

In addition, the privacy of the site is formed by the building plan – due to the projected wings and the terrace between them. The pond in front of the house enhances the dialogue between the interior and the environment: nature flows into the house. The feeling of contact with nature emphasizes the homogeneity of the finishing materials of the facade and interior walls. Molded, frameless stained-glass windows do not break the connection with the landscape.

Building area – 300 sq. meters. It has designed a living room, a dining area, a plot-oriented seating area. On the second floor there are three bedrooms and an office. The office has a balcony overlooking the pond and an overflow pool located opposite the building.

The structure of the building is made of concrete, a material that helped create a sculptural feel. Engineering communications are laid in a concrete shell, ventilation is brought out into skylights, which made it possible to provide blowing of the glass and eliminate fogging.

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