Genuezska apartment

Project: Genuezska apartment
Designer: Ivanna Gaidarzhy, Anastasiia Abravitova, Dmytriy Sivak
Photo: Angelina Golt, Dmytriy Sivak, Alexey Gulesha
Area: 64 m2
Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Simplicity and functionalism were the two main wishes of the client. Our task was to use a minimum of decor and different types of finishing materials, making the apartment the most convenient for the client’s lifestyle.
For example, the walls are simply white painted, and because of panoramic windows and the location of the house, walls get new color every day with sunset. No bright textures or elements, only basic colors – the interior was not supposed to distract the client from his life. Even the accent cabinet in the living room is made of stainless steel, reflects the shades of the interior, and merges with the whole apartment.

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