Cut through

When we first visited this still empty space, we immediately realized that it would be one of the most intriguing interior projects that we did lately. The apartment was characterized by high ceilings, a bunch of diagonal lines, and irregular shapes. And we still had to accommodate three bedrooms and two bathrooms in an area of ​​100 m2, which was why we had to narrow the vertical space when planning the premises on the second floor.

The first ideas were born while thinking about how to maintain this space’s authenticity and highlight it, but at the same time sort out and control the chaos of forms. After a few tests, we came up with a straightforward architectural concept – we cut the apartment horizontally into two parts. In this way, the regular white and black planes of the walls and solid furniture on the ground floor were separated, and an extravagant “wooden hat” stood out above them. The wood brass finish was chosen for it because of its good acoustic properties and helped to avoid the echo that occurs in such high spaces.

Author:Archispektras (Aidas Kalinauskas, Ignas Kalinauskas, Monika Valuntaitė)
Photographer: Lina ADi Photography
Year: 2021


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