3D Printing: Printed House

Person sits in 3D Printed house.

3D printing in architecture and design is taking on a new dimension. Thus, the Dutch architectural bureau DUS Architects has presented a project of a “city” house in Amsterdam. Fully 3D printed, the compact structure was conceived as an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the city. Bioplastic was used for printing, which is subjected to repeated processing. The dimensions of the house are 8 x 25 sq. m. Inside there is a mini-veranda and a double bed. The outdoor bathroom is on the lawn next to the house and is also 3D printed. The “city cabin,” as the Dutch architects called it, is suitable for short stays. Moreover, the project is promising for small, temporary housing in areas of natural disasters.

3D printed house nex to harbor
The City Shelter not only showcases new possibilities for 3D printing but also serves as a temporary shelter option in disaster areas.

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Person sleeps in 3D printed house in double sized bed.
Inside there is a mini-veranda and a double bed.

Next to 3D printed house is a outside bathtub.
There is a bathroom (also 3D printed) on the site next to the house..

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