Vaust Studio: restaurant in Berlin

Berlin’s Poke restaurant by Vaust Studio is a completely different concept of public space that has come along with the restrictions of the pandemic. The architects decided to minimize the number of guests in one hall, and fixed the number of seats and the distance between them. Thus, this fixation helped to find a clear managable structure within the restaurant.

First, guests must place an order at a free-standing checkout. Then wait until they are informed that they can take a tray of prepared food. This system has already been adopted in some German airport restaurants.

Two curved concrete tables that complement each other are located in the center and attract attention. Granite stones from Norway and wooden stumps serving as chairs are inspired by the fishing theme. The floor and walls are plastered in warm colors, which also creates a natural, earthy atmosphere. Linen curtains with a custom-made aluminum hanging system softly complement the dining room setting. The stone, which is part of the restaurant’s corporate identity, slowly rotates in the shop window in the most prominent place. 

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