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Screen Butterfly – hit at Design Miami / Basel

Joris Laarman Butterfly

Dutch designer Joris Laarman, Joris Laarman Lab presented another achievement of the 3D printing method – the beautiful Butterfly screen. A huge bronze “butterfly” was made with the help of a robot. Laarman is famous for items that mark the achievements of cutting-edge technology. “In 2014, we delivered a welding machine to a manipulator. This was just the beginning – then we could create an object just two centimeters from the floor, ”says the designer. The new screen, shown at Design Miami / Basel, is two meters high. “ 3D printing still exists on a small scale, and we wanted to explore and expand its capabilities,” explained Anita Star, partner of Joris Laarman at Joris Laarman Lab. Object sells at New York Friedman Benda Gallery. 

Joris Laarman
Joris Laarman, designer.

Laarman graduated with honors from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2003. Its radiator with baroque monograms has long been remembered by all adherents of functional minimalism. Larman works at the intersection of design, art, and science, always exploring new materials and innovative technologies. His remarkable works are in the prestigious collections of MoMA, the Pompidou Center, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and others. Prices for works by Joris Laarman Lab range from $ 25,000.

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