Red decor: 10 fashion accessories

We picked to your attention a selection of 10 items in red to create bright accents.

1. Do-Lo-Rez Wool Carpet by Rod Arod

The woolen carpet, assembled from square elements – “pixels” of different shades of red- resembles a low-resolution digital image. In addition, due to the “torn” contour, the product resembles an unfinished puzzle and is interesting to look at ( 184 x 276 cm).

Brand: Nanimarquina

2. Console table  Diva Lucia

A fun console table, combined with a lamp, will bring a touch of humor to the interior. When creating it, the designer Benoît Convers was inspired by the appearance of the emu bird.

Brand Name: iBride

3. Silk wall clock

An airy wall clock with a case made of intricately intertwined “threads” of plastic.

Brand: Koziol

4. Chair Victoria Ghost

Opaque plastic chair. The round back refers to antique medallions, which is why the product can fit not only into a modern but also into a classic interior.

Brand: Kartell

5. Dish from the Timeless collection

The porcelain dish can be used in the microwave and is dishwasher safe. The pattern of rich red color is borrowed from the painting on ceramic tiles.

Brand: Vista Alegre

6. Cube Tval Soap Dispenser

A ceramic soap dispenser from Cult Design will be a bright accent in bathroom decor.

Brand: “Urbanika”

7. Buggle-up pouffe

Buggle-up frameless pouffe in waterproof fabric filled with styrofoam is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The product can be transformed into a bed or an armchair, and special belts will help to maintain the desired position (190×140 cm).

Brand: Design Boom

8. Silly-Kon pendant light

Designer pendant lamp Silly-Kon with a flexible lampshade made of red silicone and a transparent cord 200 cm long.

Brand: Ingo Maurer

9. Glass vase by Zara Home

The vase, whose design combines transparent and frosted glass, will attract attention even without a bouquet of flowers (10.5 x 24.5 cm).

Brand: Zara Home

10. Liksgult metal cabinet 

The model can be supplemented with legs or placed directly on the floor. The door of the product is equipped with a special holder for storing documents.

Brand: IKEA

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