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Minimalistic Kerimov Architects project

Living room. Minotti sofas. De Padova coffee tables. The wall decoration is a combination of wood and marble. The TV is built into the partition designed by Kerimov Architects, the lace pattern is laser cut. Biofuel fireplace with brass finish – also according to architects’ sketches. Floor lamp Paolo Castelli.

The luxurious Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades leather screen in the study, the TV panel in the living room, the embossed panel at the head of the bed – these elements add visual warmth to the interior and tie together its parts. “Some people think minimalism is cold. There is no “cold” here. What there is a universal basis that opens up freedom: the owners can add their own items without fear of breaking the harmony, fill the rooms tightly or do with a small amount of decor – the finished picture will still be preserved. In general, minimalism is more than just a style in the interior. It’s a way of thinking, a way of life. “

The office is equipped for two: the Gallotti & Radice tables are divided by a Diamond screen, Marcel Wanders, Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades. There is a Kaws statuette on the table. 
The modular structure of leather lends Parisian elegance to minimal furnishings. Armchairs Andreu World. 
The walls and ceilings are painted by Benjamin Moore.
Boffi kitchen
Shamsudin Kerimov and Ekaterina Kudinova, Kerimov Architects, in the interior of a new apartment.
Living room. The TV is built into the partition designed by Kerimov Architects, the lace pattern is laser cut. 

Much of the apartment is custom-made, at first, it was developed with the help of professional software. “This approach helps to take into account all the nuances, adjust the dimensions, see how other furniture will look like against the background of our developments. It is difficult to imagine the work of a modern architect without computer design. We consider 3D visualization to be a particularly important stage: the customer understands what his interior will be like, and we know exactly which picture we use for implementation – the project goes without “surprises”. At the same time, we often make sketches by hand in the process of work, ”says Shamsudin Kerimov.

Living room. 

There is no “smart home” system here; Ekaterina and Shamsudin rarely use it in city apartments. “Smart house is a significant part of the budget, it seems unreasonable to invest in it and then save on a good kitchen or sofa. Now, if the customer understands one hundred percent why he needs it, then we install it. “

The curtains are controlled from the remote control. 
“The apartment is all in panoramic windows, there are a lot of curtains, here it is important that they can be opened with a button,” the architects explain.
Siemens kitchen appliances. Bar stools Maxalto.
The customer asked for a spacious master block – he was given 80 sq. 
meters. The wall is decorated with a relief panel in Italian Alcantara. 

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