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Loft-style living room: design tips and 100 stylish photo examples

Colors, materials, furniture, and decor – we tell you how to design a stylish living room with character.

If you like extraordinary and daring interiors, the living room is the best place for design experiments. In this article, we tell you how to decorate a loft-style living room interior: what elements are suitable for a private house and apartment, what materials to pay attention to, and how to create the right atmosphere in the room.

Origin of style

This style itself is from America, where at the beginning of the last century a large-scale crisis led to a reduction in production. After them, there were many warehouses and technical buildings that needed to be mastered. This was done by creative people: musicians, actors, artists, and writers.

They rented spacious rooms with high ceilings – the cost of rent was then low. Studios and workshops were created in brick and concrete walls, and parties were held. Rough textures were mixed with art objects, leather sofas, and ethnic textiles. 

Gradually, the details formed into a separate direction, which is still popular today, although, of course, this style is not for everyone. It is interesting that now the loft is associated primarily with brutality, but initially these were bohemian interiors, which clearly reflected the creative nature of the owner.


A loft-style living room in a house, a studio, and a euro-twin will look different, but this direction has common features.

It is not necessary to use everything at once – choose the features that appeal to you, fit the size of the room, and the overall design.

  • Big square. The style originated in spacious warehouses, where there was no shortage of square meters. This is what scares many people – it seems that it is impossible to decorate a loft-style living room in an apartment. Actually, it is not. If you have a small living room, use a few bright stylistic markers rather than trying to completely recreate the historic original.
  • High ceilings, large windows. This point is also related to the architecture of the building. Huge windows and five-meter ceilings allowed homeowners not to be afraid of dark colors and large shapes. In the realities of a city apartment, it is enough to adjust the size of the furniture and add more light shades to the palette.
  • Open floor plan. The fewer doors and walls, the better. The space is zoned with the help of colors and textures, furniture, and different finishes. Partitions can be used, but they should not be bulky.
  • “Brutal” materials. Brick, concrete, raw wood, metal – by such visual signs we immediately recognize an industrial interior. These materials are used for both decoration and furniture. So that the room does not look too cold, they are complemented with textiles and warmer textures.
  • Items with history. Despite the fact that the loft belongs to modern trends, vintage or even antiques organically look in it. So that the hall with concrete walls does not look like a faceless technical room, the room should be filled with interesting details. For example, lay a vintage carpet on the floor, put a collection of records or grandmother’s vases on the shelf, and hang a picture of a familiar artist. 

Loft-style living room design

Color spectrum

Usually, for a loft-style living room (photo below), discreet shades of gray, black, brown, and white are chosen.

If there is brickwork on the walls, then red-red is added to the palette. Shades of blue, green, orange, and yellow are suitable for accents. 

To harmoniously choose the colors for the room, consider:

  • Materials used in decoration.
  • Room footage.
  • Size and location of windows.
  • Ceiling height.

In a country house or spacious apartment, you can take richer and darker colors as a basis. If the room is small, add more light shades: beige, white, and light gray.


Finishing choose according to the principle of authenticity.

If you have a concrete ceiling or brick walls (for example, in an old foundation), it is better not to hide, but rather emphasize these textures. If initially there are no materials suitable for industrial style, use:

  • Plaster, paint, panels, liquid wallpaper for walls. Textured decorative plaster perfectly imitates brick, concrete, and even rust.
  • Parquet made of oak, pine or other durable wood, engineering board, porcelain stoneware, and laminate floor.
  • Concrete, GKL, or smooth stretch fabric for the ceiling. Often it is decorated with beams if the height allows.

A characteristic technique for the interior of a loft-style living room is to create the effect of a rough finish as if the renovation has not yet been completed. For example, somewhere the wall is painted or bricked, and somewhere you can see bare concrete.


Furniture for a loft-style living room can be either neutral (for example, if the finish is bright and textured enough) or accent.

Usually this:

  • A large sofa is most often leather or upholstered in dense fabric. Modular systems are suitable for large living rooms.
  • A pair of armchairs – it is better to take different ones in shape or color so that the composition looks more interesting.
  • Coffee table.
  • Several storage systems  – racks, chests of drawers, TV stands, open shelves.
  • Dining table with chairs if the hall is combined with the kitchen.

An industrial interior doesn’t have to be too perfect. If most of the furniture is new, add at least a couple of vintage or homemade pieces. For example, plywood shelves and pallet coffee tables look organic. Arrange designer chairs around a simple wooden table.


There is not much decor in the loft style, but it is he who adds coziness to the atmosphere, making it more interesting and lively.

It can be:

  • Objects of contemporary art.
  • Posters, graffiti, stylized road signs, or warning signs.
  • Classic paintings.
  • Decorative vases, massive candlesticks, earthenware.
  • Statuettes and figurines.

So that the room does not seem too gloomy and cold, use textiles. Curtains in a loft-style living room usually choose laconic ones: Roman, rolled, simple plain curtains. On the floor, you can lay a large accent carpet with ethnic motifs or several small ones. An artificial skin of an animal is also suitable. On the sofa – a blanket and decorative pillows. 


Light in this style plays an important role.

As a rule, large windows provide ample natural light. If you are decorating a hall in an apartment with standard openings, give up thick curtains in favor of light roller blinds.

Artificial illumination should be multi-level and take into account different scenarios: general light, additional light for different functional areas, and local and decorative lighting. At the same time, the lamps act as full-fledged elements of decor. Popular solutions:

  • Black or gray track lights on the ceiling.
  • A massive crystal chandelier will create an interesting contrast in the loft-style living room.
  • Vintage sconces and table lamps.
  • Hanging lamps in the industrial style above the dining group.

Combination with other styles

Loft style is rarely found in its pure form.

Most often it is supplemented with elements of a different style. The most successful companions:

  • Minimalism  – suitable for lovers of restraint and concise design. A minimalist environment will look impressive due to textured materials and will balance active industrial accents.
  • Boho  – if you like coziness and creativity, try this combination. Boho elements will “soften” cold textures and rough surfaces: add soft carpets, wooden decor, and indoor plants in beautiful flower pots to the interior.
  • Scandinavian is a popular combination that is often used in city apartments. In this case, Scandinavian is taken as the basis for its calm light colors, natural materials, and practical furniture. And loft elements are introduced as accents: for example, you can decorate the walls with decorative brick-like plaster. Or add a leather armchair from a flea market to an IKEA sofa.
  • Classic is a spectacular combination built on contrasts. From the classic interior, you can take stucco and expensive-looking decor: paintings in gilded frames and tall candelabra against the background of brick or concrete walls look very stylish.

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