8 dining zones that will make your guest feel like at home

If you still don’t know what your kitchen and dining room should look like, check out our selection.

Let’s take a closer look at how designers decorate dining areas in their projects – a lot of aesthetic pleasure awaits you. Or maybe you even want to do the same for yourself.


Kitchen-living room with island and dining table

The team of designer Maria Rubleva was tasked with combining two apartments into one and creating a public and private space. A lot of space was allocated for the kitchen-living room in order to comfortably arrange several functional areas.

There is an island in the center of the room, with legroom and bar stools. And a full-fledged dining area was arranged nearby.

The IDEA large dining table for six was set by the window. We supplemented it with comfortable chairs with rounded backs – in them, you can relax and feel as comfortable as possible.


Kitchen-living room with a country atmosphere

Designer Irina Nosova managed to create not only inexpensive but also a beautiful interior. A linear set with a refrigerator in a niche was installed in the kitchen-living room. In the center there is a large dining table, on the contrary, there is a comfortable sofa, on which you can sit comfortably. A hammock was also hung here – in the end, it turned out to be an ideal place for relaxation and family tea drinking.

Some of the accessories and furniture, for example, a dining table, lampshade on pendants and sofas, were ordered from masters from the regions – this helped to save money. A massive brushed table was complemented by chairs from IKEA.


Kitchen-dining room with bio fireplace

For this interior, designers Irina Kireeva and Anna Piskun were inspired by Normandy – the interior turned out to be restrained with bright red-burgundy accents.

In the planning, it was important to equip the kitchen, combined with the dining room, where you can receive guests. For the dining area, we chose a rectangular table with a pair of chairs and a long bench in the same style. One of the favorite parts of the kitchen is a bio fireplace in a building design. A decorative plaster under wax was applied on top: the shade became similar to a labradorite stone.


Beautiful dining area in a country house

Customers saw the interior of their country house as cozy, but without formality and stiffness. For this, designer Maria Bezrukova used natural motives and rich colors. For the kitchen-dining room, she chose a bright yellow and balanced it with gray-beige and brown shades.

A large Bragindesign dining table was placed in the dining room and complemented with mid-century chairs. In the daytime, there is a lot of natural light due to the windows to the floor, and in the evening a beautiful chandelier with multi-colored pendants is responsible for the lighting.


Cozy dining room in a log house

Designers Anna Morozova and Konstantin Doronchenkov designed this estate for a large family, so it was important to provide a spacious place for the dining area. So, they decided to take it to a separate walk-through room, which is adjacent to the kitchen and living room.

Like the rest of the rooms in the house, the walls, ceiling, and floor here were decorated with timber. Color accents were added with textiles and decor. A large carpet covers the entire dining area, making the dining area appear even larger.


Modern kitchen with island table

The main feature of this kitchen-living room is the combined island with a dining table. It turned out very conveniently: the island can be used as a work surface for cooking or as an additional place for guests if a large company is gathered.

The designers of the studio decided to diversify the modern interior of the kitchen-living room with classic elements – moldings. They were used to decorate the wall next to the dining group. A TV and biofireplace were placed on the same wall.


Bright kitchen-dining room in a small apartment

The clients asked the designers from Stone.Arch studio to design their new home in the style of Italian apartments from the 60s with cheerful hues and vintage details. The kitchen-dining room turned out to be especially cozy.

The dining set was placed next to the kitchen and window. An additional seating place was made from an ordinary window sill, and a folding table was taken – at least eight relatives can fit behind it.


Kitchen-living room with three functional areas

It was important for the customers to preserve the feeling of spaciousness in a relatively small room – a house just under a hundred square meters. The designers of the Astar Project architectural bureau divided the entire area into a common kitchen-living room space, where you can relax with your family and receive guests, and private rooms.

For convenience, the kitchen-living room was also divided into functional areas: a work area with a linear set and a compact island, a dining group and a recreation area. For each of them, they thought out their own lighting scenario and selected different wall finishes. Floor porcelain stoneware with wood texture has become a unifying material in the interior.

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