Stunning country house project

Stylish kitchen with veneer facades, porcelain stoneware and textile panels on the walls, transparent dressing room – there are many interesting details in this interior.

In a nutshell

Customers – a young family with two children, love to travel and have a love for southern countries. The owners were ready for interesting and unusual solutions, bright accents. The result is a calm, noble interior with designer furniture, a cozy atmosphere, seating areas, and hidden storage systems.

Designer Maria Glagoleva started working when the house was already built. “We had to adapt to the existing layout of the house, but it turned out to be quite competent, so we limited ourselves to minimal wall transfers. On the ground floor, there is a spacious kitchen-living room with a fireplace area, a spacious entrance hall with a large storage system, a guest bedroom, and a guest bathroom. We got the house with high ceilings, so the volume is felt. On the second floor, two nurseries were equipped, a master bedroom, a bathroom, and a dressing room with a window. “


The kitchen is one of the main areas in the house. To create it, the designer first studied the culture of the south of Spain and it was there that she drew inspiration. The set combines several types of veneer facades – from smooth to slatted.

“There are many unusual things in this project, made according to the author’s ideas,” says the designer. “For example, the huge transparent lamps above the dining table resemble transparent pebbles that customers collected on the shores of a small town in Spain.

We took this idea and turned it into pendant lights. And chairs with an azure shade complement the setting, resembling waves around stones. The white porcelain stoneware and the dark-veined stone tabletop symbolize the white rock that was close to this beach.”

A large fireplace was placed in the living room for cozy winter evenings. Large-format panels with a complex texture of stone and sand waves were used on the wall at the same time. The texture itself was searched for and selected for a very long time – in the end, they found the perfect one. The floor in the living room features a warm-toned engineered plank with a soft wood pattern.

“We tried to use rounded shapes in all rooms, and the living room was no exception. For example, a sofa and coffee tables have soft shapes and beckon to you, ”says the designer. 

Almost every room is finished with veneer panels; in the bedroom, all walls are completely finished with them. But the dressing room was built of transparent green glass, which was supported by the color of the headboard upholstery. It turned out very stylish and unusual. 

In the nursery, they added tenderness and comfort with the help of textile panels on the walls. An interesting detail is a decorative frieze depicting exotic birds. 

A special desire of our customers is a freestanding bathtub. Next to it, on the wall, they used porcelain stoneware with a leaf pattern – a slight reminder of the south. The floor and part of the walls are covered with terrazzo-patterned porcelain stoneware.

All plumbing was selected in rounded shapes: to dilute them a little, they added a beautiful geometric chandelier – it fits perfectly into this space. The veneered panels have been divided with a thin profile to add rhythm, and laconic modern accessories have been added to them.

The door was made on request: its finish was chosen very carefully so that the pattern and shade were as close as possible to the veneer.

Brands presented in the project

Kitchen-living room
Finish: granite on the backsplash, Italon; paint, Sherwin-Williams
Floor covering: porcelain stoneware, Italon; parquet, Finex
Furniture: dining chairs, Porus Studio; sofa, Poltrona Frau; armchair, Coco Republic
Mixers: Gessi
Lighting: technical light, Nowodvorski

Finish: porcelain stoneware, 41zero42 Flooring: granite stoneware,
Atlas Concorde
Plumbing: washbasin and toilet bowl, Ceramica Cielo; bath, Rawak
Faucets: Cisal

Flooring: parquet, Finex
Lighting: sconces at the head, Vele Luce

Decoration: Wallpaper, Scion; paint, Sherwin-Williams; cornice and skirting board, Orac decor
Floor covering: parquet, Finex

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