8 amazing interior ideas, spotted in Italian apartments

A large dining table, no wallpaper, and works of art – we study the features of Italian life and adopt simple but effective techniques for creating dolce vita.

1. Refusal of wallpaper and a single color scheme

It is very difficult to find wallpaper in Italian apartments. It is generally accepted that they collect dust and are only suitable for inexpensive rental apartments. For their own homes, Italians spend a long time carefully choosing high-quality paint and a suitable shade. This color will occupy 60% of the interior, creating a unified atmosphere and base.

2. Works of art

You are sure to find art objects in every Italian home. These will not necessarily be oil paintings in large wooden frames in classic houses of the older generation. In the small studios of young Italians, it is easy to find something more modern: posters of intellectual films, paintings by little-known abstract artists, and objects from the field of pop art.

3. Multifunctional kitchen table

The table in the kitchen or dining room will be as large as the size of the room allows, and as beautiful and high quality as the budget allows. It is not customary to save money on kitchen furniture in Italy. The tradition of gathering with the whole family around the table in the evening is still strong in this country. During the day, the table turns into a work area: children do some of their homework here, communicating with their parents, and elderly relatives read newspapers or knit.

4. Large wooden buffet

Another long-standing tradition is to have a massive wooden buffet in the dining room or kitchen. It stores tableware, sweets, and wine. At the same time, even the younger generation does not abandon the buffet in favor of laconic and cheaper kitchen cabinets. Old furniture inherited from a great-grandmother is not thrown into the trash here, but repaired and sometimes given a more modern and colorful look.

5. Flowers on the windows and on the balcony

The easiest way to identify an Italian street is by the windows with wooden shutters and the flowers on the cornices. Plants can be climbing or simply have beautiful bright flowers. With the onset of cold weather, they are transferred to a glassed-in loggia or into rooms, arranging a small winter garden.

6. Place for guests

For Italians, it is very important to constantly host friends and relatives and organize joint dinners and lunches. Therefore, the living room plays an important role: it always has a large sofa, several armchairs, and a coffee table for serving snacks and drinks. 

7. Simple bedroom

If all the rooms into which guests enter are furnished as expensively and beautifully as possible, then the bedroom often looks very simple and laconic. There is nothing superfluous here, only the most important things: a simple bed, a couple of bedside tables, and a wardrobe. Simple furniture is compensated by very carefully selected and high-quality textiles: thick and light curtains on the windows, bed linen, and carpet.

8. Symmetry

A favorite Italian technique is creating symmetry in the interior. Each room has its own semantic center, for example, in the living room there is a sofa and a coffee table, in the bedroom there is a bed, in the kitchen there is a table. The rest of the furniture, lined up in one line, will diverge from this center. This technique allows you to create a harmonious and unified space. 

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