Minimalistic interior of a three-room apartment of 97 m² for a young girl

This interior combines high technology for a comfortable life and noble design in the spirit of modernism.


The designer designed a stylish modern interior for a young girl. The area of ​​the apartment is 97 sq. m – made it possible to place all functional areas – from a fully equipped kitchen to an office, which in the future can be easily transformed into a nursery. 


The layout was initially free, so it was possible to immediately create the perfect interior for the needs of the customer. It is possible to isolate the kitchen so that smells do not get into the rest of the rooms. The living room was arranged taking into account the accommodation of a large group of friends. An unusual closet was designed in the hallway: through it, you can go to the technical utility room, where the washing machine and dryer are located.

The set is made according to the sketches of the designer in the carpentry workshop. The kitchen is L-shaped, in a modern style, with a mortise sink, smooth facades, and built-in appliances. In the first place – simplicity and comfort. Despite the abundance of multifunctional combines, hoods, dishwashers, and other appliances that require space, we managed to keep the composition clean and light.

The combination of painted and veneered materials in furniture finishing gives the modern interior a cosiness. The presence of glass, metal, and fabrics gives the desired variety for the eyes, making the interior as a whole voluminous. “We love to create interiors built on nuances. This is exactly the story here,” says the designer.

“The style of modernism dictated the choice of shapes and furniture upholstery. Most of the furniture was made to order, but significant decor items, armchairs, lamps were found from well-known foreign brands,” says the designer.

In the office, a convenient workplace with storage systems was organized by the window. Here you can relax and unwind on the sofa.

All storage systems were developed with the utmost care and to order. For example, in the hallway is not just a closet. Through it you can go to the technical utility room, it stores everything related to cleaning.

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