Dining area in the small kitchen: 7 ideas if there is practically no space for it

A small kitchen is an inevitability in a tiny studio or one room apartment. Trying to save the already limited square meters, many neglect the dining area. However, such struggle can be avoided.

We have selected 7 ideas for organizing a dining room for one or two people where there is no place for it.

1. Window sill

A dining table can replace a window sill. You can make a custom-made design of any size so that it fits organically into the kitchen dimensions.

2. Narrow table against the wall

Console tables, resembling a bookshelf in width, can easily be placed near a free wall.

3. Hinged door

Another option for a dining table is to use the door of a narrow cabinet as a countertop. So, when closed, it will be a wall cabinet, and open – a small table.

4. Hidden systems

In a mobile room, you can mask the countertop in embedded systems. One door will help you easily organize a place for a mini-lunch.

5. Folding table

On any wall, you can fix a folding lifting table that will not interfere during off-hours. At the same time, large tables are disguised as mirrors, paintings or a radiator screen.

6. Bar counter

To organize a bar counter, you just need to decide on the size and layout. The kitchen countertop often doubles as a dining table paired with high bar stools.

7. Unusually shaped tables

Practically in any interior, especially in a small space, a triangular or semicircular table will fit.

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