Before and after: how an outdated interior was updated

This kitchen-living room has long been in need of transformation: after 10 years of living in it, the coffee table never turned into a dining table and caused a lot of inconvenience, the fireplace ceased to please, and the abundance of green became tired. Designer Anna Morozova made a rearrangement, selected a new color palette, and replaced the furniture. And she shared with us the details of the remodeling.

Living room

First of all, we got rid of the boring green wallpaper and red laminate. Instead, they laid engineered oak boards and painted the walls. Narrow plastic skirting boards were replaced with wide white ones made of polyurethane. 

The stretch ceiling was constantly moving under the influence of warm and cold air, periodically exposing the wiring. The new plasterboard ceiling made it possible to painlessly move the TV to another wall and install plaster lamps that replaced the central chandelier.

The living room had an irregular shape—an unusual rug was needed. The cowhide, repainted to look like a zebra, fit perfectly. Against the background of the skin, an old ethnic stool, purchased many years ago, became very relevant. On it is a handmade lamp by ceramist Natalia Bedredinova. The main accent of the living room was a bright and unusual painting by contemporary artist Dmitry Artishchev.


All the tiles in the kitchen were replaced. The air duct began to resemble a tiled stove thanks to the “Surrey” collection from Kerama Marazzi. But the floor and apron were decorated with porcelain tiles with the beautiful name “Labyrinth” from the Italian factory ABK.

In the kitchen, I only need low lighting in the work area. I had never used overhead light before, so I got rid of the chandelier. But since the ceilings in the kitchen area were not changed, the lamp was removed from the point where the chandelier used to hang. The long wire made it possible to hang the lampshade directly above the table and create a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

Almost all furniture is made locally. Carpentry shop DrakeWood replaced the old kitchen facades with new ones, expanded the mezzanine, and enlarged the left section, which made it possible to raise the microwave. At the same time, I left the acrylic stone countertop from the previous kitchen.


The walls were repainted a different color, the active tiles were muted with a monochrome carpet, and the furniture was partially replaced. Painted plates, once given to me by contemporary artist Olga Kaplan, found their place on the loggia. And above the restored chair from the 60s there is a painting by contemporary abstract artist Olga Shagina.

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