Minimalism in the kitchen: 5 tips

Minimalism as a means of relaxation from the visual noise and daily bustle, excessive consumption of information and things implies a restrained palette and laconic forms. There are no random elements in the minimalist interior, the space is carefully thought out and balanced.

The kitchen remains one of the most frequented rooms in your home, even if you don’t cook that often. It is one of the communication centers where family and friends come together. We give 5 simple tips on how to bring elements of minimalism to the kitchen, create a functionally and aesthetically attractive space for relaxation and communication.

1  Get rid of unnecessary appliances

The modern kitchen can be oversaturated with numerous gadgets and appliances. Evaluate what household appliances you do not use – donate or sell bread makers, yogurt makers and grills that you do not need. Optimize placement and storage of popular devices – kettle, toaster, blender. Check your kitchen utensils – pots and pans. Don’t be afraid to get rid of what you don’t need. In this way, you can make the space physically and visually cleaner.

2  Choose a neutral color palette

It is advisable to replace multi-colored kitchen appliances, bright pots and accessories with plain and neutral ones. The interior of a minimalist kitchen is most often built on the use of white, gray and beige shades. If you store salt, sugar, flour on the countertop, buy containers in neutral colors. Stick to the same color scheme – if you already own a stainless steel kettle, check out similarly designed microwaves, toasters, and coffee makers.

3  Tidy up

Tidy up countertops and other exposed surfaces. The kitchen should not have random elements. Choose a place for each item in lockers or drawers, and get rid of visual debris. Invest in smart storage solutions – functional and beautiful hanging spice rack, hidden drawer systems.

4  Inspect knives

If you’re not an avid knife collector, try to be really objective about the number of items you need to cook. Instead of buying a few inexpensive knives, invest in quality ones that will literally last a lifetime.

  Estimate the number of dishes

Ask yourself if you really need such a huge number of plates, counting the bulky sets that you take out once a year. It is necessary to keep on hand and store only those dishes that you use daily. This also applies to cutlery and other kitchen utensils. Of course, you do not need to get rid of antique dishes, but it is worth finding a place for it in another part of the house.

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