Color in the kitchen: 25 gray solutions

Need new trendy colors instead of investing in new furniture? As with the rest of the home, color sets the mood in the kitchen as well. Shades of white, green, pink, yellow, the whole palette of natural, and, of course, the kitchen in gray will be relevant in 2023.

Gourmet cuisine is neutral, for example, a kitchen in gray. In order to create a timeless interior, in which design objects and works of art will look like beautiful accents, the best color is gray. Gray will easily fit into any home, primarily to create a natural atmosphere.

Negative associations with gloom and bad weather in the past: gray is a trendy color with a long shelf life. In addition to all shades of anthracite, light gray, mouse, colors with blue, green, or warm brown undertones are also in trend for gray kitchen design.

With the help of gray, you can create any atmosphere – from ultra-modern to cozy. Gray is popular as a background shade, and the familiar white looks radiant in combination with it. Both white and black and brass fixtures look great in a gray kitchen, as do fittings with a standard chrome finish.

Workshop Studio: unusual New Nordic. The gray kitchen is combined with the living room. Odger chairs are a sustainable product from Ikea and Danish design studio Form Us With Love, made from recycled plastic and sawdust. The Bellman wall lamp was designed by designer Sabina Grubbeson for the Swedish brand Pholc. Bar stools Normann Copenhagen. At the back is a hallway. The self-leveling floor emphasizes the integrity of the space.

Anna Plotnikova: family apartment with bright decor. Open space living room-kitchen-dining room occupies 40 sq. meters. Gray kitchen design by Valcucine. The top in Crema Delicato marble was made in the Skystone workshop. Faucet Cia. Wittmann armchairs. Shelving and flooring according to the sketches of the author of the project were made by Kvinton. Chandelier Officina Luce. Carpet Jerome Botanic. The furniture was bought in the Krassky salon.

Zrobym architects: an apartment with a cosmic atmosphere. The apartment of 60 sq. meters is intended for a temporary stay: the host from Italy, stops here from time to time. Hence the complete absence of cabinets and a small kitchen with a system of tilt-and-slide facades. Almost all appliances are hidden behind a raised sash: when it is closed, only the kitchen island with a breakfast bar remains visible, which becomes part of the living room.

Duplex penthouse designed by LAD. Architect Mikhail Kisenko and Vasilina Pashnina (Laboratory of Architecture and Design / LAD ) designed a two-level penthouse for a family with a child. It is interesting that the living space unfolds in a very unconventional way: the entrance and common areas with the kitchen-living-dining room are located on the second level, and the private rooms are on the floor below. This decision is due to the presence of panoramic windows around the perimeter of the upper tier.

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