Bathroom redesign: 5 preparation tips of 2023

The bathroom sets the tone for the private block and plays the role of an oasis of relaxation in a modern interior, the guest bathroom can complement the impression of the taste of the apartment owners. It is not worth decorating these premises according to the residual principle, it is necessary to pay special attention to them. We give five tips for preparing for a bathroom renovation for a quick and high-quality repair. 

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Do not proceed with the repair until you have formed a complete image of the space. Think over the color palette, and ergonomics, study information about showers and bathrooms and think about the future. Before buying tiles, find out the cost of installing plumbing so that you don’t exceed your own budget.

Be flexible – if you have pre-selected tiles, faucets, and fixtures online, you need to be prepared for the fact that some models may be discontinued. Pay attention to design hits that never go out of fashion, or be flexible – choose analogs that will help you stay within your budget.

Bathroom renovation does not tolerate an amateur approach. Turn to professionals – the quality of work will help save money, nerves, and time. This applies to everything – laying tiles, waterproofing the room, and installing plumbing. Finding competent contractors is practically the most important step in a bathroom renovation.

Pay attention to new materials – it is not necessary to lay out the bathroom and especially the bathroom with ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware from floor to ceiling. Separate zones can be decorated with paint for wet rooms, for a spectacular look – choose special wallpaper.

If you are not ready to invest in a quality bathroom renovation, then accessories will help to freshen up the look of the room. To get started, just replace the shower curtain or rug, and hang a picture. It is worth remembering about semantic accents even after a complete renovation of the bathroom – they will help complete the image. It is necessary to think over all the details from towels to candles. At the same time, accessories can be subsequently changed according to mood, so that the space always looks new.

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