How to rationally use the space behind the interior door: 9 smart solutions

The small and narrow space behind the interior door can be put to good use. We have collected 9 simple and budget solutions for you.

1. Make corner shelves for jewelry 

The space behind the door can be used for small corner shelves. Make hooks on them and store hanging ornaments or a small box with them. By the way, a narrow and compact secretary box will also fit behind the door. These are also convenient to use for storing rings, earrings, and other important little things. 

2. Design narrow shelves for books 

Children’s books will fit well on narrow shelves – as a rule, they are thin and will fit perfectly into such a storage system. Look at these shelves that the owner of the house made with her own hands. You can repeat her experience – just find suitable wooden planks, paint them, and then hang them on the wall behind the door. 

3. Make a shelving unit with shelves in a niche

If you have a convenient niche behind the interior door, make shelves inside and use them as a rack for storing books and accessories. By the way, the owner of the house covered the wall inside the niche with the remains of wallpaper. The result is a stylish accent solution in the room that you can take note of.

4. Install a storage ladder 

Such stairs have become very popular recently. They can be used to store home textiles (blankets or towels), as well as paperback books and magazines – just hang them open on the railing. And of course, thanks to its small size, the staircase will fit behind the interior door and will not interfere with opening it. 

5. Store your ironing board 

The biggest difficulty in renovating and creating an interior yourself is finding a place for all the household little things. One of these “inconvenient” things is an ironing board. If you are still looking for a place for her in the apartment, consider that you have already dealt with the problem. Hang the board on several hooks on the wall behind the interior door, and it will not be visible during the day when the door is open. 

6. Hang the rails

On the rails you can store scarves, ties, and even shoes with heels – due to the small partition, they will be held in place. A very convenient and functional solution, especially for small apartments where there are no dressing rooms. 

7. Organize your collection storage 

Boxes, books, paintings, postcards – if your collection is still collecting dust on the shelves or stored in disarray in drawers, it’s time to take it out and place it on narrow wooden shelves. For example, this girl placed her collection of wooden boxes with hand-made patterns on the shelves. 

8. Place a narrow shoe rack

It’s a great idea for small rooms to place a narrow shelving unit behind the door and store your shoes there. Due to the small depth of the cabinet, the door opens easily. The same cannot be said if there was an armchair or a standard-width wardrobe in that corner.

9. Organize storage of handicraft items 

If you are into needlework and hand-made things, you probably know how much effort you need to put into keeping all things in order and quickly finding what you need. You will definitely like this idea with a narrow shelving behind the door. 

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