Is fur relevant in the interior and how to use artificial and natural skins

How to choose which styles are appropriate, how to use – we answer questions for those who decided to add fur to the interior of an apartment or house.

Fur in the interior has already ceased to be an exclusive feature of the country or chalet. This decor is able to fit into a modern city apartment. Today we understand the intricacies of the accessory and the secrets of stylizing space with this material.

Material Features

The use of skins in interiors is an idea that is hundreds of years old if not thousands. For some, this decor is reminiscent of the splendor of royal palaces, for others – the comfort of a house high in the mountains, and for others – a fashionable designer apartment in the city center. All this speaks of the versatility of the accessory. He is able to revive almost any design, giving it a touch of bohemian chic or comfort – it depends on the task and the environment.

  • There is no big difference between the origin of the carpet: designers use both natural and artificial products.
  • The price of a carpet made of real fur or skin is an order of magnitude more expensive than an analog made of non-natural materials.
  • Products made from real materials, in addition to looking special, of course, warm well.
  • Synthetic analogs have worse thermal conductivity and they are more electrified. But some of them are very difficult to distinguish from the real ones.
  • At the same time, the effect of “naturalness” is not always needed; in some projects, artificial products also look beautiful. Modern models are pleasant to the touch and do not give the impression of a cheap fake.
  • The main advantage of artificial accessories is their environmental friendliness.

What style is relevant

In many ways, the specific choice of animal skin is influenced by the style of the interior. Considering several solutions

Neoclassic and classic

Obviously, in these areas, artificiality is not a very good choice. In the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, decorated in a classic style, wood should be wood, not MDF, the decor should be made of noble ceramics and porcelain, not plastic, fur and leather should be natural.

With rare exceptions, artificial carpets can be inscribed in neoclassical mixed with modernity. However, in the classics – definitely not. Aesthetics and luxury textures here must be genuine. The length and thickness of the fur depend on the specific interior, there are no special rules. But you should not choose products that repeat the shape of an animal, with paws and a muzzle, for example, a bear or a raccoon. Such models do not cause anything but pity and sadness. Yes, and most manufacturers are gradually abandoning hyper naturalness, offering instead products with a simple uneven edge.


The choice of accessories in modern design is much wider. Despite the fact that this direction also does not tolerate excessive artificiality, you can still use elegant analogs of natural materials. In such an apartment, the skin of elongated fur looks good – sheep of white or milky color, and its artificial counterparts. But bright colors are best avoided. They make the picture cheaper.

Kitsch and eclecticism

Imitation of the skins of a zebra, cow, or tiger, pink or green artificial – there are no rules here. The degree of extravagance depends on your courage and the wow effect you want to produce. Bright, even neon, accessories not only do not cheapen the style but, on the contrary, emphasize the degree of its originality and violation of all the rules. The only catch is that it is not easy to arrange such a living room, kitchen, or bedroom on your own: it is easy to slide into colorful props and chaos.


The rules for choosing decor in Scandinavian are similar to the style of modern design. But more saturated colors are also allowed here, but not too bright: a pastel palette or a dark one. If you are looking for cowhide or sheepskin for your interior, take a closer look at the range of the Swedish giant IKEA. They have several cute options, dyed and in natural color.


This is not quite a soft and gentle Provence, but a more brutal rustic style or chalet. Natural skins and their artificial counterparts are appropriate here. Colored products look good in stylized rooms when a theatrical effect is needed. For example, a bearskin in traditional Russian design.


Another style without bright colors, but not devoid of textures. Carpets, pillows, and bedsheets in natural shades are suitable here. The main thing is not to overdo it with the decor. If you have chosen one large fur spot, you should not supplement it with other details, one fluffy thing is enough.

How to use natural and artificial fur in the interior

In fact, the skin is not necessarily a carpet. There are several ways to fit such an accessory into the design of an apartment or a private house. Let’s start with the obvious.


A large fur product can become an accent in the living room or in the bedroom. Usually, it is located in the semantic center: in the hall in this zone there is a sofa and armchairs, and in the bedroom, there is a bed. We do not recommend hanging on the wall. Small rugs can accentuate decor or furniture. They can even be combined with large rugs in a different style. In the photo of some projects, you can see a sheepskin casually lying near an armchair and a floor lamp – it creates coziness and a slight feeling of detachment from this zone.


A good alternative to a blanket is a fur blanket. Natural or bright color, with a long pile – such an accessory will suit any room. The main thing is to throw it over without leveling. This also applies to the decor of the bed and the sofa.

Covers for chairs and pillows

Such decor will be appropriate in winter, with the onset of cold weather. The solution is not the most trivial. Of course, natural products will last longer, but only if you do not feel sorry for them – most likely, they will wear out over time. This also includes decorative pillows – a good solution if you are still looking at fur accessories and are not ready for carpet skin in the interior. Even animal print wallpapers are harder to integrate. Such pillows can be used to decorate a sofa, a bed, and even a nursery. Especially charmingly light fluffy products look in the girls’ room.


This is not the most functional furniture, a fur pouffe serves as a room decoration. It is often not worth sitting on it, as well as putting feet or any other objects – over time, the fur will be erased. A small ottoman of bright color looks good in boho, and in more delicate shades it will suit any interior.

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