10 beautiful coffee tables in various design projects

A coffee table sometimes becomes part of the living room decor. And so it happened in these projects.

1. Pouffe tables

In the project of a small apartment, Evgenia Filatova placed two poufs and one bright table by the sofa, completely finished with “gold”. Pouffes often replace tables, you can put a tray on them (and thus turn from a seat into a stand for glass, cup, or glass), but at the same time, they retain their main function.

2. Round table with a patterned base

In the living room of a country house, designer Denis Tarasenko designed a “classic” sofa group. Classic, because there is a whole set of furniture that we are used to seeing in the living room: a comfortable sofa, an armchair, and a coffee table. The latter stands out for its appearance: shiny metal and patterned base. 

By the way, the round table is not the only one in this group. Nearby there is a small coffee table and a pouffe that can perform the same function. But it was the silvery piece of furniture with a glass top that attracted all the attention.  

3. Minimalist side table

In this project, Daria Kurchanova chose a minimalist geometric black table for the living room. It goes well with the same black and simple (in a good way) floor lamp and contrasts favorably with the pastel color of the walls. 

4. Shape and color: a pair of tables in the color scheme of the interior

In this apartment, designed by Natalia Anishchenko and Maria Ostroumova, two tables with marble tops and metal details (in trendy gold color ) took their rightful place. The color of the base legs of one of the tables “echoes” the upholstery of the sofa in an emerald shade and the blue bookcase. 

5. Graphic table

There are few accents in the rather restrained and minimalist interior designed by Natalia Balashova. Mostly bright colors are observed in textiles. However, the accent can be added not only by color but also by shape. For example, a coffee table. The designer chose an item with a graphic metal wire base that echoes the same graphic pendant lights.

6. Stylized table

The interior of the apartment for a young customer from Alina Palagina is completely unusual – the loft is mixed with notes of ethnicity. In the living room, a sofa with turquoise upholstery stands against the backdrop of brick walls, and in the center is a voluminous coffee table stylized as … a wooden suitcase. 

7. In the spirit of ethnicity 

In this project of an apartment for a young family by Anna Khazhdogova, modern style is complemented by exotic details in the spirit of ethnicity. One of these details is just the coffee table in front of the sofa, which acts as something of an art object with its unusual shape and base finish. 

8. Stylish couple: gold and geometry 

In an apartment project by Legko.com studio in the living room, there are a couple of small coffee tables in front of the sofa: one is in golden color, and the other is black and white with a geometric print on the tabletop. Together they create a stylish composition.

9. Table with trendy marble pattern

In the apartment designed by Maria Lisova, the living area is small and not overloaded with details. Attention is drawn to the composition on the wall and … a side table with a fancy marble pattern.

10. Table with a bright top

In the project of Anna Leontyeva, the furniture group in the living room of a laconic gray sofa and a vintage restored armchair was decorated with a table of individual production with a bright yellow top. It became an accent element and continued the theme of brightly painted walls.

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