How to decorate a dining area in an apartment from 23 to 90 m²: 12 examples

You can live without a separate dining room, but you can’t do without a dining area. We tell you how to arrange one of the most important parts of the apartment.

The dining area is not only for meals, most often it is here that the most cozy conversations with friends, romantic evenings, and long gatherings with board games in the company of children take place. Therefore, the design of this part of the apartment should be treated with special attention.

Apartment in a house of the pre-war era, 23 m²

The area of this apartment is only 23 m², but there is a full dining area without folding tables and chairs. Moreover, the designer was not afraid to use large objects in a compact space. So, an antique French chandelier immediately highlighted the dining room, and two portraits by Vyacheslav Berechinsky appeared on the walls. “They are like family members – they constantly sit at the table and create the illusion of a full house,” jokes Julia Levy.

Apartment in a former apartment building, 50 m²

The apartment belongs to a businessman who lives outside the city and rarely appears in City. The interior was made for him, but in the process, it turned out that the housing would go to his daughter. “We had to decorate it so that from a purely male it became a girl’s, and we did it with the help of accessories, paintings, and textiles,” says architect Elizaveta Medvedeva. The area of the apartment is 50 m², so the kitchen is equipped at a minimum (the stove is small, and everything else is also compact) because dinner parties were not planned to be arranged here. At the same time, the space seems more spacious than it really is: such an impression is made by a classic, detailed interior and a rich color scheme.

Apartment only 62 m²

The owners of this apartment live in Moscow and very often visit St. Petersburg, so as a replacement for hotels they bought a pre-war apartment on the embankment on the Petrograd side. At the same time, housing can hardly be called guest – all the details here are worked out with special care. Even the dining table is unusual – its countertop is made of quartzite, and at the base, there are figures of people and fish. “

Dining area next to Balcony, 63 m²

It is a former two-bedroom apartment and the kitchen was separated from the room by a corridor. The designer combined it with the living room, and the dining area was located by the window – in the warm season, the balcony door can be opened, and breakfast could be enjoyed in the fresh air.

Apartment for a young family with a child, 72 m²

Increasingly, designers combine kitchens with living rooms, so dining rooms are located on the border of these two spaces. It seems that you are sitting in the kitchen, but not at the stove or at the sink. In the project of Pavel Zheleznov and Ivan Pozdnyakov, the entire working area is completely hidden in a niche, and the dining area, on the contrary, is highlighted with contrasting chairs.

Apartment with optical receptions, 74 m²

The main trick in the living room-dining room was color: shades of green and brown seem to let nature into the house. Some resemble foliage, others refer to wood and stone. Dining in such a space is pleasant as in the fresh air.

Bright lamps that emphasize the atmosphere of the avant-garde, 75 m²

Maria Pilipenko believes that in old houses the layouts are already perfectly adjusted for life, so the designer does not like to redo them, and only adapts them to modern needs. The kitchen and living room are isolated from each other. In the first room, there is a two-row (or parallel) set, very convenient for cooking, as well as a small snack area, equipped on a wide windowsill. In the second room, there is a living room with a graphic sofa, a vintage large table, chairs, and bright lamps that emphasize the atmosphere of the avant-garde.

Space with two windows, 84 m²

The architects of the bureau “Ozerova -Yung” combined the living room with the dining room – a space with two windows was obtained, and the kitchen was separated, separating with a large portal so that the prepared dishes could be conveniently served to the table. The portal with glass frames gives the interior an atmosphere that creates a feeling of lightness and allows natural light to penetrate the hall and kitchen.

Apartment with little space for the dining area, 85 m²

Vladimir Berezin’s customers wanted to fit on 85 m2 in addition to the master bedroom, there are also two separate children’s rooms. Therefore, there was little space left for the dining area. The solution that the designer proposed does not look obvious: he made the living room tiny and also passable, giving the main space for a kitchen with a dining table. As Vladimir explains, this corresponds to the habits of the family – they gather more often at the table than at the TV. In the living room, everything is calculated to the millimeter: the coffee table does not interfere with the passage, and the location of the chairs and the TV is selected so as not to touch the screen with your head.

Counter separating the kitchen from the living room, 90 m²

In the apartment designed by Tatiana Krasikova for quick snacks and breakfasts, there is a bar counter separating the kitchen from the living room. But the dining room is located next to the sofa – despite the compact size (the table is designed for a maximum of four people), it is able to give dinner or lunch solemnity. The atmosphere in the style of a Parisian apartment favors this: there are snow-white walls and a ceiling, gypsum stucco, and a parquet “French Christmas tree”.

Apartment in the old fund, 90 m²

The family of Maria and Pavel Ivanov is small – they live together with their son, but the table is designed for at least six people. Designers admit that the dining room and kitchen are their place of power, and guests often gather here. That is why the space occupies about half the area of the apartment and as many as four windows.

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