Dried flowers in the interior:15 design examples

Dried flowers have long taken their place of honor on tables, on window sills, and on the floor. We tell you what features these unpretentious bouquets have and show what trends in the design of compositions can be traced in recent years.

Features of dried flowers

In their qualities, compositions of dried flowers are more similar to decorative items than to living plants. The main common feature is durability: with simple care, the “life” of dried flowers lasts three or more years. At the same time, such a bouquet can be both collected independently and bought in a boutique.

In the first case, it is important to observe a couple of simple rules:

1. It is worth going to the meadows only in dry weather, the most suitable time is after the first frosts: then the strongest plants will be visible immediately (they will not crumble much and will retain a straight “stand”).

2. Obviously, when collecting dried flowers, you can not pull the plant out of the ground. But, despite the fact that a dry stem can be easily broken, it is better to arm yourself with scissors anyway: so you do not risk breaking the neighboring plants and protect the selected stem from unnecessary crumbling.

In the boutique, you will not only save time collecting flowers but also get rid of further worries. Since a bouquet of dried flowers can stand for several years, it will inevitably be covered with dust. In flower salons, this moment was taken into account and special antistatic agents are often used that protect dried flowers from being covered with dust. There you will also see stabilized flowers. Their main difference from dried flowers is that stabilized plants remain fresh: for this, they are “preserved” – impregnated with a special solution of glycerin. Due to this, they stand as long as dried flowers and look almost alive.


Dried flowers are an ideal option for those who want to place a beautiful bouquet and forget about caring for it. The main thing is that the optimal air humidity is maintained in the room and there are no sudden temperature changes. If you choose a bright composition, make sure that direct sunlight does not fall on the bouquet, otherwise, the plant will dry out and lose its original saturated color. In addition, during the dull autumn evenings or in the atmosphere of the upcoming winter holidays, do not forget that compositions from dried flowers with burning candles are extremely unsafe.

Compositions of dry herbs and flowers in the interior

Bouquets of dried flowers are formed from a variety of plants: these are traditional wheat, and more versions with branches of lush pampas grass, tender lavender, and cotton, and physalis with bright orange heads, and many other flowers. However, the example of residential interiors shows that in recent years, designers, florists, and tenants themselves prefer monobouquettes that look discreet and natural.


Compositions with yellowish dried ears of corn bring warmth to the interiors, whether it is a kitchen with white facades and brass elements or a bathroom with a modest monochrome finish.

Pampas grass

Lush pampas grass, despite all the scope, looks neutral, so it exists perfectly in apartments with stucco and other elements of the classics, eclectic interiors, and in modern minimalist spaces. The main thing is to determine the height of dried flowers: medium compositions at eye level will immediately be in the spotlight, so you should choose a suitable vase for them.

Dried flowers also look organically in color: both against the background of saturated walls, and painted in bright colors. Note that both the white and red shades of pampas grass are taken from the already present colors in the interior.

Reeds, large palm leaves, and thin branches

Even such plants, as if plucked just, become an important accent of the room: located next to expensive veneered panels among designer pieces of furniture, they bring a slight carelessness and relaxation to the space.

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