Norm Architects: Notabene flagship store in Copenhagen

Contrast and beauty are the formula of the Notabene flagship boutique, created by Norm Architects in Copenhagen. The interior’s harmonious combination of concrete, oak, and aluminum was chosen to highlight the industrial elements of the space’s architecture through a warm palette of materials. This solution, according to the architects, best reveals the tactility of the items of this shoe brand.

Upon entering the store, visitors find themselves in a hall with high ceilings, exposed concrete walls, and load-bearing columns. Everything here is flooded with natural light – it comes from wide windows draped with transparent white curtains. The architects used non-standard methods of displaying objects: in one part, the shoe range was placed on shelves made of polished aluminum, and in another – on clay pedestals, L-shaped metal plates or round wooden podiums.

The podiums and the rest of the furniture were created in collaboration with Karimoku Case Study, a subsidiary of the Japanese manufacturer Karimoku – they specialize in custom furniture collections for projects of various architectural studios, and each project is a kind of “case study”.

“The boutique was intended to be a boost to the Notabene brand and it was important to create not only items that met the real needs of the brand team, but also a welcoming and comfortable environment for guests and customers. The building’s raw structural elements are combined with exquisite Japanese furniture, highlighting the precision of the shoe-making process,” note Frederik Werner and Peter Eland, partners in the studio. The staircase balustrade was made from thick oak planks. Oak was also used on most surfaces to create a cozier and more intimate feel.

While customers wait for their shoes to be repaired, they can relax in the living room, which features a sofa and a pair of curved armchairs upholstered in thick bouclé fabric. You can order a glass of wine or hot drinks at the solid wood counter. And at the same time, consider the various shoe care products located on the aluminum shelves. Another staircase leads to the mezzanine level, where the design laboratory is located. There is a large round desk and a wooden cabinet with a small collection of design and lifestyle books.

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