How to freshen up the interior with minimal cost. Prepare for spring

A good habit is to clean up the house every season and get to the farthest corners, throwing away and selling unnecessary things, giving new life to forgotten things. If one general cleaning is not enough, we advise you to think about updating the interior – the fresh color of the walls or the bright carpet on the floor will make you look at your home in a new way and spend time in it with pleasure in anticipation of warm days.

We start with cleaning

Before you update the interior for spring, it is important to prepare the space and get rid of everything that is superfluous. You can read a small book by Marie Kondo “Magical cleaning”. It contains step-by-step instructions for decluttering and proper storage of things. The main idea of ​​the book is not to think over additional storage places, because there will always be a few of them, but to get rid of those items that you do not use. It is decluttering that should be put at the top of your spring to-do list.

Attention to detail

Replace textiles, add spring shades, floral and nature motifs to pillows, or decorative rugs. Spring is the best time to change heavy blackout curtains for something lighter and airier. For example, natural linen curtains from IKEA will cost you 70$. In addition, well-chosen curtains can create a miracle with the interior: visually expand and lengthen the room, add colors and contrasts, or, on the contrary, soften silhouettes and restore proportions.


To update the interior, it is not necessary to buy new expensive furniture. Give a second life to a chest of drawers, chairs, or a table. For example, repaint in bright colors (green, yellow, metallic) or add a colorful print. Yes, it will take time to remake, but it will be a thing with history. How much will it cost? Let’s calculate: paint – from 10$, depending on the size of the furniture and quality. Wood putty can be borrowed from neighbors or bought if you are not limited to one chest of drawers. Paintbrushes – from 5$. Furniture varnish – from a 20$, plus 3$for protective gloves, so as not to damage your hands. Not so expensive!

Add light and volume to the space

In spring, daylight hours become longer, but the sun still does not often please us. Therefore, we advise you to think about additional lighting – floor lamps and decorative lamps. It is important to decide on the shade of light: cold, white, or warm – depending on it, the interior can change beyond recognition. Cool lighting is suitable for study and work. In neutral white light, furniture and decoration look almost the same as in daylight. But to create coziness, warm lighting is useful. An ideal option would be a floor lamp with a warm incandescent lamp.

Add mirrors. These can be miniature decorative mirrors, large illuminated ones, or even a whole panel on the wall. Mirrors without frames are in trend now, as well as mirrors that can be placed on the floor and not hung on the wall. Create even more space, light, and air in your apartment or house.

Aroma of the house

Fragrances for the home are the same piece of decor with which you can start transforming your home. You can focus on fruit and flower compositions. Experiment with sandalwood, mint, tangerine, honey. Interesting home fragrances can be found in many brands.

It is not necessary to wait for birthday for flowers to appear in the house – buy them yourself. You will be surprised how much such a small detail can transform a space.

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Don’t Forget the Kitchen

Buy new cookware. Let it be unusual, colorful, or even a little weird. The main thing is that now every morning the table setting will turn into a real ceremony of the beginning of spring. You can find interesting items for the table both in IKEA and Zara Home, which give out new collections every spring and in tableware stores like Villeroy & Boch or Williams et Oliver. If a full-fledged service is not included in your plans, look for individual serving items in vintage Instagram accounts or at flea markets.

By the way, a noticeable trend of recent years is a variety of dishes from different series and eras, which are united by a similar shade or shape. So don’t worry about broken plates – just replace them with any other you like.

Change color

Make one or more walls accent by painting them with paint. It is not as expensive and scary as it might seem at first glance. Quality options and beautiful shades can be found at Little Greene and Dulux. For example, to paint a wall three by four meters with Little Greene paint, you only need one can worth 30$.

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