How to organize a dressing room in a small space: 6 cool examples

We use the dressing room as an accent, hide it behind curtains, and more

In small-sized apartments, the storage issue is acute: you need to distribute a large number of things without overloading the rooms with huge cabinets. A walk-in closet solves the problem, but is there enough space for it in a compact apartment? Our heroes proved that a dressing room does not necessarily require a huge area – just a competent layout and a little imagination.

We share with you the most interesting ideas for organizing a dressing room in a small space – get inspired and take note.

Dressing room in place of the alcove

The area of ​​this one-room apartment is 36 m², and the architectural features are an arched window with unusual glazing and an alcove for a bed. It was in the place of the alcove that designers Irina Primak and Anna Kudrina designed the dressing room: the walls were left in a light color to match the bedroom, and many shelves and a stylish chair were added inside. No doors were installed: the dressing room is hidden behind luxurious velvet curtains.

The solution made it possible to move all the storage into the dressing room: only the hooks remained in the hallway. Thanks to the curtains, there is no visual noise in the room, but if desired, the dressing room can be left open. By the way, if you want, you can always play with contrasts and choose brighter textiles.

Dressing room as a hidden accent

The owner of a one-room apartment of 42 m² wanted to think through as many storage spaces as possible. In the bedroom, hidden behind a glass partition, there was space for a dressing room. The space is more reminiscent of a magic closet from a fairy tale: designer Alla Senicheva specifically added this effect.

All the walls in the apartment are painted the same color, but it is in the dressing room that there is an accent wall with wallpaper decorated with birds. They inspired the original color scheme – a combination of pink and green shades in a bright bedroom. When the dressing room is open, it seems to hide a special world. 

Dressing room behind louvered doors

The customer turned to designer Alexander Kryuchkov with a request to design a calm apartment without unnecessary details in the Scandi style. After the redevelopment, a dressing room appeared on an area of ​​46 m²: it was hidden in the bedroom behind louvered doors from floor to ceiling – this made it possible to visually “raise” the ceiling and provide beautiful light.

For storage, we preferred an open system of shelves and rods; we added a chest of drawers – you can store linen or other things in it. The solution with doors deserves attention: there are also budget options on the market that can be easily painted in the desired shade or leave the texture of wood in the interior.

Dressing room behind bright curtains

Designers Anna Kozlova and Venera Teregulova from Via Interior Buro created a project for a 46 m² two-room apartment for rent: here you will not find bulky cabinets – storage has been moved to the dressing room. Arches and circles are a technique that the designers used throughout the apartment, and the dressing room was no exception.

The space both complements the overall style and is an accent thanks to the yellow curtains. Please note: the textiles match the shade of the headboard, creating a harmonious combination. Standard cabinets were installed in the dressing room, and ventilation was also provided. The area turned out to be compact and very stylish.

Wardrobe as a large hidden system

Designer Yana Volkova designed the tiny studio of 28 m² for herself: maximum attention was paid to functionality. Of course, in such an apartment it is difficult to allocate a separate room for a dressing room, and Yana came up with an excellent life hack – a storage system along one of the walls. Absolutely everything is hidden behind it – from cabinets to a workplace.

If you think that the designer has few things, we hasten to dissuade you: the shoe section fits 50 pairs. Another area was allocated for outerwear, and a mobile staircase was made to access the upper sections. As a result, the hidden system became an organic part of the design.

Dressing room behind the head of the bed

Another great example is the project, which accommodated a dressing room of 36 m². As a result of the redevelopment, the kitchen, living room, and bedroom were combined into one living area. A full-fledged dressing room is hidden at the end of the room behind the head of the bed – this is a separate, thoughtful area without doors.

Inside there are racks, open and closed shelves, as well as a railing system. The dressing room is easily accessible while maintaining the feeling of a unified space. Airiness was achieved through a light palette, but the dressing room was decorated in dark colors – it echoes the textiles and accent elements (for example, the TV area).

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