11 simple ways to make your interior visually more expensive

The richness of the interior depends not so much on the cost of furniture and finishing materials, but on the design decisions made for decorating the room. With a little imagination, the interior can be made rich without spending extra money.

Interior items


It is not necessary to furnish the entire room with expensive furniture. One impressive item will focus the attention of guests and household members. A bed with a spectacular headboard, an old sideboard, a table with curved legs, and an elegant ornament on the tabletop will do.

Furniture should be arranged symmetrically. Symmetry is often found in nature, it causes pleasant emotions in a person, and creates an impression of solidity, calmness, and balance. Ordinary accessories arranged symmetrically with respect to the compositional center of the room, look majestic and elegant.

Important: A good painting by a little-known artist will emphasize the refinement of the owner’s taste much better than a reproduction of a painting by a classic. The original art object will make the interior original.

Color design

Glitter of gold

Gold is associated with wealth, but excesses should be avoided. In a small apartment, a large number of gilded accessories will look alien, and one or two items will make the situation solid. These can be picture frames, lamp details, an ornament on a tabletop, or a vase. It is important to remember that gold looks better on a neutral background. If you still decide not to trifle, trim the wallpaper or furniture with gold.

Tip: If gold is not to your liking, you can use copper or chrome in the interior. These metals have a similar decorative effect.

Natural colors

Natural colors are pleasing to the eye. Use in the design shades of grass, wood, sand, and earth. A room with windows facing the sunny side. it is appropriate to decorate with materials of light colors. The room will be filled with light and air.

Tip: Light finishes work well with natural finishes. A light floorboard is much cheaper than a parquet, but it looks no less elegant.

Dark tones

The opposite solution is the design of the room in dark saturated colors. A moderately darkened room, in the design of which there are complex shades, looks solemn, even mysterious. Finishing materials of dark tones are inherent in the collections of British manufacturers.


Strict geometric elements and monochromatic colors visually streamline the space. One of the options is a combination of strict furniture on thin legs and black and white wallpaper with a pattern. Such a decision will increase the status of the apartment in the eyes of guests, and it will be inexpensive.

Visual expansion of space

A spacious room always looks elegant and attractive. There are several ways to visually expand the space.

Put things in order

Hide extra items. Half-empty racks and shelves and free passages will make the room more spacious, and relieve the feeling of tightness and chaos. Place your favorite items in the free space. Rearrange them periodically or according to your mood, and change them to new ones.

Use the view from the window to enrich the interior

If there is a picturesque park or a beautiful building outside the window, you should not fence off with heavy curtains. Minimal shading of the window will allow you to fill the room with light and air and enjoy the beautiful views.

A rich interior implies a well-thought-out lighting scheme

For this, one central chandelier is not enough. A combination of ceiling, wall, table, and floor lamps will make your stay in the room comfortable, visually divide the room into zones, and highlight the central interior items. The lamps themselves, with the right selection, will become its decoration.

And, of course, do not neglect all known ways to expand space.

Painting the walls and ceiling in the same color, smoothing the transitions between them with the help of skirting boards, a mirrored wall that doubles the area of the room, a carpet on the entire floor, and a minimum of furniture will visually increase the size of the room. A vertical pattern on the wallpaper will make the room taller, a horizontal pattern will make it wider.

Creating a rich interior will require a lot of effort, but if you follow the recommendations, and have taste and imagination, everyone can do it. Imagine what apartment you want to live in, sketch a few sketches, bring ideas to life and everything will work out.

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