How to make a cool renovation and save money: 5 life hacks

Designer Pavel Foteev specializes in cool refurbishments of secondary buildings – mainly Khrushchev buildings. From a “bad” apartment, he creates a stylish and comfortable interior, in which there are many inexpensive but effective details. We decided to collect his most interesting tips for budget renovation.

1. Strip the trim down to the brick and paint over it

One way to save on wall finishing is to not bother leveling the surfaces but to clean them down to the original brick and paint them. Color and decorative finishing depend on your imagination. The most versatile option is white plain walls.

If you want to create a loft atmosphere, rely on red brick with wide textured seams. But keep in mind that you will need to “conjure” with shades and layers of paint. In this case, Pavel Foteev resorts to the help of decorator Sasha Mershiev.

Another option for finishing a brick wall is to create the effect as if the red brick is peeking through a layer of white paint. It looks stylish and interesting.

2. Make a table from a windowsill

One of Pavel Foteev’s favorite techniques is a window sill, which can be used as a table. Firstly, this way you save space, because part of the tabletop lies on the window opening. Secondly, to create such a table you only need a furniture panel and two legs – all this is sold at any construction center. Thirdly, you can adjust the depth of the tabletop yourself – you can make it narrow so that there is only enough space for a laptop.

Or you can increase the depth and use the window sill as a bar counter for snacks and breakfasts by the window. A simple solution, but it looks very cool.

3. Place the washing machine under the countertop

To furnish a bathroom, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money and order cabinets and cabinets made of individual sizes. There is nothing wrong with open storage. A regular washing machine is cheaper than a similar built-in model. And instead of a cabinet under the sink, you can use a furniture panel – installing such a countertop is very easy.

The space under the sink can also not be covered with facades, but beautiful laundry baskets can be placed in a niche.

4. Turn a chair into storage

Among the practical and at the same time effective decor that Pavel Foteev uses are chairs that seem to be half hidden in the wall. They serve as hangers – we all like to leave things on our chairs, right? 

5. Buy a bed frame and design a cool headboard

In his projects, Pavel Foteev proves that it is not necessary to have a large budget for renovations in order to create something unusual and non-standard. Instead of buying an expensive bed with a headboard, you can make it yourself. To do this, you need a very ordinary mattress frame and then use your imagination. In one project, Pavel Foteev made a headboard from an old, shabby door.

The other is made of wood and rattan panels.

And for one bedroom I ordered a headboard made from a slab of wood – it looks very cool against the background of a concrete wall.

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