How to decorate an apartment in the style of modern classics

The designers told how they managed to design an interior with chic kid’s rooms and a very cozy atmosphere

Designers from the Carton Group studio designed a spacious four-room apartment in the style of modern classics. It is located in a house built in 1903, which has been completely renovated. The goal of the project was to breathe comfort into the white box from the developer, playing with the interiors in conjunction with the history and architectural features of the house.


After a complete renovation, the developer offered an apartment in a premium white-box finish with a thoughtful layout, bathrooms in the same style, and an ergonomic kitchen area. The apartment can be roughly divided into two large sectors: a public area with a dressing room and a guest bathroom, flowing into a single kitchen-dining room and living room, plus a private area with three bedrooms, bathrooms, and a laundry room. The customers have three children, so it was important to think about comfortable ones for children.


Modern classics combined the individual preferences of customers, emphasized the connection between the apartment’s interiors and the status of a clubhouse, and reflected the architectural solutions of the building in the design of custom-made furniture. Some of the furniture, lighting, and textiles had already been purchased, so the decisions had to take into account the given style so that in the end the image of the apartment would be complete. 

Kitchen-living room

The basis for the interior design of the kitchen-living room was the wall opposite the sofa, which was accentuated by finishing it with ultra-thin large-format marbled porcelain tiles.

The designers used the wide possibilities of this material, also using it in the facades of the TV cabinet and to replace the original black kitchen apron, which turned out to be very impractical. The choice of marble material is not accidental, since it is widely used in the decoration of public areas of the entire building. According to the designers, the symbiosis of the architecture of this house and the interiors on which they worked was important to them.

The dining area was arranged between the kitchen and living room. The large rectangular table was complemented by chairs in beautiful mustard upholstery and a chic crystal chandelier.

Marble material was also used in another unusual solution – hanging pendant lamps with marble shades on black fittings in the sofa area and above the kitchen island. When switched on, the natural beauty of the stone structure is emphasized, adding coziness and creating a mix of different functional areas of the room.

The kitchen remained in the location originally planned by the developer. The set was already included in the finishing, so the changes here were minimal. It was possible to integrate the ultra-modern kitchen design from the developer into the overall solution, pairing it with light classics and a full set of furniture brought by customers from Europe. 

Daughters room

They decided to make the room for the girls common in order to leave more voluminous space. Based on designer sketches, two canopy beds were made. We hung the fabric in two rows – tulle and fabric lined with blackout, in order to be able to completely isolate it from light. In addition, girls have different wakefulness patterns. Inside each bed, on a soft textile headboard, there is a flower-shaped sconce with a separate switch. 

The color scheme of the room was determined by the textiles of the curtains and the chair, which the customers asked to use as a starting point, as well as the brass lattice of the fencing of the French balcony. The interior is designed in pleasant yellowish-golden tones interspersed with warm gray and mint accents.

The workstations were designed as part of a cabinet, the arches of which echo the elements of the building’s façade. The cabinet is built into a niche and does not look bulky while creating a large number of storage spaces.

Son’s room

For the boys’ room, we decided to use a more restrained color scheme of greenish-bluish tones. Graphics were added to the plane of the walls using 3D gypsum panels and moldings, as well as a voluminous textile headboard across the entire width of the room.  

The color combination echoes the girls’ room to create a unified style – the color of the veneer, the gray shade of the cabinets, and the use of brass.

Opposite the bed, there is a symmetrical composition of a work desk with brass-colored legs and open shelves for toys and books with lamps integrated into the side walls.

Parents’ bedroom

The design of the master bedroom was limited to changing the color of the walls, creating a symmetrical layout of moldings on the side wall, and selecting decor and textiles. Since the designers base their decisions on the client’s portrait, when searching for the color of the walls, they started from the hostess’s favorite range – noble dusty pink tones. The chosen shade successfully sets off the milky palette in which the headboard of the bed, bedside tables, lamps, and table lamps are designed.

Corridor and hallway

Enveloping shades were used to decorate the passage areas, creating a feeling of comfort and tranquility. The customers already had art objects: some they brought from their trips, and some were gifts from friends and relatives. But from the very beginning of the work, their place in the new interior was taken into account.

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